8843853487?profile=originalTravelling can be stressful but not as stressful the packing. There are so many things that could go wrong. One of the most delicate things that you can transport is makeup. You ask why? Imagine all your powders and eyeshadow destroyed and scattered your suitcase. Now that is a horror film itself. Do not be alarmed, help is on the way. We have gathered a list of useful tips on how to properly pack and protect your make up, according to the type of travel - a short-term visit, or a house moving.

Basic Moving Tips

These first tips are easy to follow and can be applied in every situation.

  • When packing powdery products like eyeshadows, bronzers, powders and highlighters use a cotton ball to protect the product from breaking. There is nothing as frustrating as having to clean your handbag after your bronzer has burst open and stained everything.
  • Secure your pallets with an elastic band. This will prevent them from opening.
  • Use a makeup roll for your brushes. Select the model that has a protective cover that goes over the bristles of the brushes. Make sure you have properly cleaned your makeup tools before packing them.
  • Avoid travelling with nail polish in your hand luggage. It is flammable and quite easy to open or break. If you have no other choice, wrap the nail polish in tissue paper and put it in a ziplock bag.
  • Always have facial wipes with you. They are easy to use, they are not liquid like the face wash and can be used in various situations.

Short-term Trips - What to Expect

This is the easiest type of moving according to the packing requirements it has. When travelling for a short time on a business trip or vacation, there are a couple of things that you need to consider and prepare:

  • If you are travelling only with hand luggage, you need to pull back on the stuff you want to take with you. Try using multipurpose makeup that way you can reduce the quantity of the things you want to bring with you. A multi-purpose product can be an eyeshadow that you can use as a highlighter or a lipstick that is also a perfect blush colour.
  • Before the trip go to your local drug store and ask for samples of your favourite products. There is no need to bring bottles of concealers, primers and scrubs. Get a 15ml sample, and you are good to go. A big plus is you do not need to worry about leakages and stains on your clothes.
  • Get a travel makeup brush kit. They won't be your favourite brushes, but these kits are compact, have the basic types of brushes and are easy to carry.

House Removals, How to Protect Your Makeup

Home relocations are complicated and you need a little more time to prepare. The first and most important thing is to pack two separate makeup bags - one for the moving truck, and a second that will stay with you. If you are moving abroad or to a big city, you need to have all your essentials with you. Intricate home removals to London can take up to a week depending on how big is your household and how close to the city was your old place. A week without a lip balm or face wipes in one of the rainiest places on Earth doesn't sound very appealing.

  • First and most important do you need all of these products. Read all the labels and toss everything that is expired. If you have products you no longer use, consider throwing them as well. The house moving is a great opportunity to clean properly your makeup stash.
  • Be careful when choosing your makeup bags. They should have enough pockets and compartments. It is best if the inside of the bag is water resistant.
  • Do not pack liquids with powders in the same bag. Use a ziplock bag for all fluids and secure them with cotton balls. Make sure the bag is properly closed, then you can put in a makeup bag.
  • Prepare a small travel bag with all your makeup essentials. See the section about the short-term trips for tips on how to pack it properly.
  • Do not use your clothes as padding. Makeup is very hard to wash if something breaks in your moving boxes during the relocation.
  • Label the boxes with your makeup and toiletries with “Caution, Fragile!”

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