There is always an element of excitement as well as nervousness when you ponder whether your jewelry is enhancing your appearance. While wearing jewelry makes you feel confident and beautiful, the concern may stem from whether your jewelry is complementing your look or not. When it comes to an outfit, jewelry is an indispensable accessory that can completely transform your casual attire into something extravagant. The sheer art of tempering and creativity to display your designer jewelry decides the level of this extravagance.

Even if you have purchased a perfect piece of jewelry, pairing it with your favorite looks can become quite difficult. A tiny pairing imperfection, for example, can spoil your carefully selected dress. To keep the sophistication of your outfit high, you need to iron out these inevitable mismatches. It requires a certain level of skill and understanding to create a fashion forward look by beautifully mixing your jewelry with your chosen outfit.


If you want your favorite looks and a beautiful piece of jewelry to make a statement, here are a few tips for pairing them like a pro:

1.   Less is more for bold jewelry


When you have chosen bold pieces to wear with a gown, be sure to not over-crowed your look by wearing more than one at a time. As the bold jewelry pieces stand out themselves, avoid wearing bold bracelets and rings together. For example, chandelier earrings and cuff bracelet is a good combination, while a long necklace with a cocktail ring is a perfect match. Strands of layered chain necklaces should be worn in such a manner that the sparkle of one doesn’t block another.


2.   Select the jewelry which is versatile


Diamond earrings are the most basic and versatile jewelry items. No matter their shape, size, and color, their timeless style can catch anyone’s unwavering attention. In a formal or semi-formal setting, your earrings should be as close to your ear lobes as possible. The next versatile jewelry is a strand of white pearls. They are so enduring that the level of sophistication of any outfit gets skyrocketed with ease and class. Silver or gold bangles are another style must-have. They are super versatile and add a charm and sparkle to your wardrobe. You can also make any jewelry versatile by tactfully layering them to create a new look. For example layering, many necklaces of different sizes can give you a sizzling look.


3.   The jewelry must add value to your entire outfit


Just because a particular piece of jewelry is pretty and holds a sentimental value to you doesn’t mean you should wear it with every outfit. Every time you are coordinating an outfit with jewelry, make sure that the piece of jewelry is adding value to your outfit. Jewelry must be purchased with a view that it is also an integral part of your wardrobe. For many people, jewelry is more of who you are and what your sense of style is. You also need to determine the role of the jewelry you are going to wear. Think about whether it is going to be a statement look or is it a subtle undertone.


4.   The jewelry must complement your skin tone, body frame, and facial features


The jewelry should not just augment your dress but, it should enhance you, too. It is, therefore, is a good idea to select jewelry and gemstones that illuminate your natural skin tone. A wide range of colors is available in various jewelry pieces like gold, silver, rose gold, turquoise, and amethyst. When it comes to your body frame, the jewelry should be such that its net effect should not overpower you. Pay extra attention to the fact that your neck should not be truncated while wearing necklaces. You should also check whether your earrings are enhancing your facial features or overpowering your facial expressions.


5.Perfect jewelry for the perfect outfit


There are many circumstances and occasions when unique jewelry is needed for a unique outfit in order to make the combination perfect. Whether you want to dress according to the jewelry or choose a particular jewelry item to match your clothes, the occasion purely demands that you are going to steal the show. For example, a diamond necklace with a dark colored gown will be a heavenly match for you. You need to think as to what impression your outfit is going to give. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to wear an outfit meant for a glamorous event with jewelry meant for a relaxed evening.


As wearing jewelry with your favorite looks can be a bit tricky, the right approach to choosing jewelry with an outfit is the key. As a rule of thumb, your style should reflect a fair amount of simplicity as well as elegance. Trends may keep changing very often but, your style, skills, and approach will last forever. 

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