How to Get the Most out Your Honeymoon


For many people, this is the trip of a lifetime, the first exotic trip you'll take together. It doesn't matter if your honeymoon is a few days or a few weeks, it is the time you and your spouse are having some private time to discover each other and relax.

Watch a Beautiful Sunrise

Although sunsets are magical, a sunrise can be a lot more breathtaking and fascinating. Because it happens so early, you are probably going to have the whole sun to yourself, and the beach or any other looking point will be empty. After that, go back to your room and have breakfast in bed.

Don't Plan Everything

Of course, you will make a plan and a list of fun attractions that you would like to visit, but there's no reason to stick to the whole plan. Adding just a couple of spontaneous moments into your trip gives it a lot more excitement. Think about going on a road trip or trying out some recommendations that other people and locals told you about when you're at your destination. Who knows, you might come across something that'll give you an expectedly incredible experience.

Eyelash Extensions

Getting together in the morning can take up a lot of time, especially if you are putting on eyelashes. Most fake eyelashes don't look that good and can't handle heat very well. The best way to save time and still feel beautiful and confident is to get 3d eyelash extensions. This will not only last you throughout your honeymoon, but it will make your time there much more relaxed. Extensions are a great substitute because they have a natural look.  

Get a Couple’s Massage

Most newlyweds are still stressed out from the wedding. The best thing to do is to get a couples massage. This will help you and your spouse relax and get you in the mood for anything you would like to do.

Plan a Fun Activity

This activity can be to sleep or laying on the beach all week but consider having at least one activity that involves walking and exploring. You can go for magical bicycle rides, go scuba diving or zip-lining. Do something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and fills your brain with endorphins that will heighten your moods and senses. 

Prepare a Fun surprise

Although both of you probably worked on the planning of your honeymoon, a fun surprise will bring more excitement and romance to the trip. You can reserve a private dining spot or make a picnic under the stars. Your spouse will surely appreciate your sweet gesture.

Order Room Service

Don’t bother planning on going out at night or even in the morning. When you're at your destination, you will probably want to cuddle first thing and likely stay in bed the next day. Plan on ordering room service for the first day or two. Order some aphrodisiac foods like chocolate-covered strawberries, asparagus, oysters, and a bottle of wine.

Go Dancing

Find a perfect spot to take your spouse dancing. Dancing is romantic and a great stimulant for other possible nighttime activities. Just make sure that you research places before you go. Find a place that is not overcrowded so you and your spouse don't feel self-conscious about your dancing skills. On the other hand, If the location or crowd makes you feel uncomfortable in any way don't force it and take the dance party to your hotel room.

Don’t force yourself or your spouse to on excursions or sightseeing trips. Take a nice long honeymoon or to put your house together. Just relax, enjoy and take it easy.

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