How to Get Rid of Static in Hair

Don’t worry if you battle with static hair 24 hours a day; this article will include all you need to know about static hair, including why it happens and how to get rid of it. While certain hair problems are seasonal, static hair is prevalent all year round, particularly during the dry winter months. And the items you require for daily living to stop it from spoiling your appearance.

Why does static hair occur?


Your hair develops an electrical charge when exposed to dry air and moisture loss, which causes static electricity to build up in your hair. The excess electron accumulation that results from changes in friction or humidity causes your hair’s strands to reject one another, making it frizzy and challenging to manage. Also aggravating static electricity in hair are dry indoor settings and high temperatures.

Static electricity in hair can worsen in dry weather. This explains why wintertime causes more static electricity in your hair. Dry circumstances with a lot of static electricity are caused by cold ambient temperatures and hot, dry inside air. You’ll notice more static electricity in your hair if it’s dry or damaged. This electrostatic charge will often just vanish in damp air.

What is the best way to get rid of static hair?

You’re not alone if static hair has ever spoiled your ideal day, so relax! Read on for the best advice on how to get rid of static hair. Here are a few simple remedies you may employ to smooth down those flying hairs when static attacks.

I. Apply a moisturizing shampoo.


It’s challenging to refrain from constantly washing your hair if you have naturally oily hair or attend the gym. Make sure to check for shampoos with a hydrating formula when picking one to combat frizz. Your scalp keeps a healthy balance of moisture and oils while your hair retains its natural sheen and softness by utilizing the correct hair products.

Regular conditioners might not be adequate for your hair if it is frequently dry and prone to static electricity. To seal in moisture and restore shine and softness, think about applying a deep treatment or hair mask. 

II. Modify your shampooing regimen.


The topic of how frequently to wash your hair is still up for dispute, but if static hair bothers you, you might be able to cut back on the washing times. Over-washing your hair can dry it out and increase its susceptibility to static electricity. Wash your hair no more frequently than twice or three times every week to prevent static electricity, if you wearing a human hair wig, you can wash it twice or three times every month, however if you do not wear it frequently you can wash it once a month.

Moreover, be sure to use warm water rather than hot to wash your hair. Showering in hot water can actually dry up your hair and make it more susceptible to static electricity, despite how wonderful and cozy it may feel.

III. Avoid hair care products containing dry ingredients.


Examine the ingredients on the labels of your hair products because many of them contain well-known dry chemicals like sulphates and specific types of alcohol. Other products, like silicone, may not be inherently dry, but they can accumulate in your hair and give it a dry, lifeless look. It’s essential to select a silicone and sulphate-free shampoo if you want to keep your hair flexible. You can contact your stylist for assistance if you are unsure about the products that are ideal for you.

IV. Switch the pillowcase time to time.


Additionally, how you sleep has an impact on static accumulation. Purchasing a satin pillowcase will not only make you feel luxuriously comfortable, but it will also benefit your hair greatly! They can aid in the preservation of the blow moulding look. They help maintain your curls, keep your hair in place, and avoid static electricity.

You may also switch out your current pillowcase and blanket cover for silk and bamboo versions. The fiber of the bamboo is smooth, preventing knots in the hair and static electricity. Alternatively, consider using a bamboo towel pack to swiftly and static-free dry your hair.

V. Make use of an antistatic hairbrush.


If you can, switch out your plastic brush for a wooden or natural-bristle one to lessen static electricity since plastic brushes have a tendency to create more of it. Use an anti-static brush instead, which is healthier for the environment and help you to get luxuriant hair. Another option is to lightly coat your hairbrush with static protector. The simplest method for getting rid of static hair is an antistatic brush.

Bottom line.

When your hair strands amass enough electrons from friction to reject one another and stand unsteadily, hair static electricity results. Generally speaking, maintaining moisture in your hair is essential to avoiding static. In conclusion, you may always smooth your hair quickly with the methods above if you have static hair.

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