How To Find Perfect Gift For Your Mom


As a member of the younger generation, the generation gap sometimes makes it difficult to find the perfect gift for my loving mother. Mothers are such an important part of our lives and we want to give them something really special.

This year, I gave her a gorgeous silk scarf. It is a unique silk scarf that I found online. I was browsing through a gallery of silk scarves when I learned what made them truly different from others that I can purchase elsewhere.

The elegant clutch purse were made with intricate patterns and designs suitable to women like my mom. The designs are simple yet sophisticated. At first I couldn't quite pin down the exact style that the stertling silver necklace have. All that can be seen is an elegant simplicity that they give to any women who wear them.

What makes those scarves extra special is its quality. The scarves are made with 100% organic silk. Just imagine the quality! The fabric is smooth and soft to touch. The quality of silk is almost emblematic of the beauty of mother's love. That's one reason that convinced me to get a silk scarf.

I didn't get the silk scarf from a commercial online store. I got it as a fair trade product. Not many people know about the fair trade industry and neither did I before stumbling upon it. I didn't expect it to be such a meaningful trading system though I've somewhat heard about it before from bigger brands.

Fair trade products like scarves, shawls and home décor are handmade by various artisans all over the world. Handmade! Today's products are usually manufactured by super machines and as I think about it, they feel artificial and quite detached. On the other hand, handmade products do have a personal touch to them. Each item is made personally by a skillful artisan who is dedicating her life to making lovely creations. They do it not only for themselves but also for the life of their families who depend on the fair trade industry.

My mother absolutely loved the fair trade silk scarf that I gave her. She said it made her look younger and more elegant. She wore it during her birthday dinner and the scarf just made her the queen of the night. And I just can't help but think that by giving her that gift, I didn't only make my mother feel special on her birthday, I was also able to help out a struggling mother somewhere in an underdeveloped country across the globe.

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