How to Drape your Saree in Bengali Style!!

Draping a saree is proving your sense of art. And thanks to our country, there are more styles of draping a saree than you can actually think of. But this time we are talking about the Bengali saree draping styles. Because now that you've organized your wardrobe with all kinds of Bengali sarees, you need to know the know-how of the draping. Read and learn the step-by-step techniques of Bengali draping styles you can display on your different social events.


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1. The Drape Guide

The Bengali drape or commonly known as Atpoure in Bengal is one of the traditional yet very classy Bengali draping styles if done properly. From a glamorous red Banarasi saree to an elegant red-n-white Tant, you can carry this particular style of draping in almost every kind of saree fabric. Here are the steps you need to follow to drape a saree in authentic Atpoure fashion.

Wrap the first round of the saree from the other ends of the pallu part of the saree, from right to left direction circling your waist.
Tuck in well throughout evenly so that there are no folds in between. Ensure that the saree falls down to the ground at equal length all around.
Create a broad box-plait at the front. Make sure that it is an even crease-free tuck and let the pleat falls neatly.
Now, take the pallu and make even pleats in an accordion style.
Throw the pleated pallu over your left shoulder. Use safety-pins for the time being in order to keep the pallu immobile.
Take the front part of your pallu and let it fall straight down your body. However, keep it a few inches above the ground level in case you're wearing flats otherwise wear heels. It's important that the pallu is parallel to your body.
The front pleats and the pallu should come in a straight line being parallel to each other. Now remove the safety-pins from the pallu that you had already placed on the left shoulder.
Extend the right edge of the pallu towards your chest and tuck the end of the pallu on the right side of your hip neatly. Pin it for a proper look if required.
Take the right end of the pallu that falls behind and brings it over your right shoulder from back to front. Tie a key-bunch that is heavy to that corner. Practically, this particular accessory keeps the pallu in the proper place. But it also has become a classy style for a Bong bridal look.
Take it lower as much as you want! And that's how you present yourself at a party.


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2. What you need

While you decode Bengali saree draping tricks, take a look at the entire list of equipment you would need to go with this kind of drape. Although it's more or less similar to any other saree draping essentials, there are still a few exclusive items you must check out.

Bengali drape works best on either heavy silk sarees like Banarasi, Baluchari silk, Gorod, or lighter fabrics like Dhakai Jamdani, Tant, or Handloom sarees. Avoid chiffon, Georgette, crepe or other trendy party wear sarees.
Go for broad bordered sarees when you go for an Atpoure drape. A traditional white Gorod with broad red borders is always ideal for festivals or pre-wedding ceremonies.
Keep some Bengali jewelry handy which you need with an authentic Bengali drape. See if you have Bala, Chur, sita haar, Jhumko designs, and different kinds of Nolok or noth.
For your pallu that falls at the back, you need to tie a key bunch to keep it in place. However, you can also fashion a silver keyring with meenakari design or any accessory of your choice.
Extra set of safety pins or cloth pins are extremely important as you may need them to keep your saree properly in place. Always keep a few extra safety pins handy in case of any slip-ups.
Tie up your hair into a traditional bun because buns are the best way to go when you carry a Bengali drape. You can also go with loose hair for a casual and light look.
So now you know, Bengali saree draping is not that difficult at all if you follow the step by step guidelines. You might not even need any external help to drape your saree. It's of prime importance to choose the right kind of fabric for a proper fall of your Bengali drape. Also, choosing the right accessories is equally significant. However, you can always go for a fusion trend. Match your traditional Bengali drape with some contemporary jewelry and you just might become an enterprising trendsetter.

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