Chinese lingerie market’s reform and opening to the outside world will bring both local lingerie labels and abroadlingerie brands big profit. Before we seize the forthcoming benefit we shouldhave clear idea about the market gap between both parties. How to bridge themarket gap for better cooperation and development will be the focus of ourpreliminary work!

What are the gaps between both markets on earth? We can set about this confusion from below five aspects,

Firstly, it must be the market development.

It is known that Chinese lingerie market just get through no more than 50 years since the first modern bra concept comesfrom Russia, comparing to the European lingerie history, Chinese lingeriemarket is still a green hand. For mature abroad lingerie market, Chineselingerie market is full of opportunities and challenges because its juvenility.

Secondly, we will talk about markets management mode.

For lingerie brands, both parties know that the development of brands better with its own characteristics to differentiatefrom thousands of hundreds same kinds. Western brands do better than Chinesebrands in this aspect, they successfully characteristic themselves by itsoutstanding theme products design, subsidiary decorations, exceptional service& management culture not only in the retailing but also agent management,we can obviously tell them from others when we put the first glance on its shopor products. It is good that Chinese lingerie labels do their best to copy orlearn their market management mode, but the sad point is that millions ofChinese lingerie brands do the same work. Chinese lingerie brands are inpressing need of brands markets management mode training, what’s the reallymeaning of brands? How to successfully establish popularity among consumers?

Thirdly, turn the point to the designers’ labels.

We must admit that big difference between Chinese lingerie market and European lingerie market for designers’ labels. Ihad ever written an article about this concerning Chinese lingerie market. InEuropean market, It is widely acknowledged that designer’ labels own itselfwith special groups with unique taste, they enjoy designer’s label not onlyjust searching for profit but a sense of inspiration encourage people to enjoytheir own life without considering outside comment. Under this circumstance,lingerie masterpieces and innovations could be brought out without hesitation.Chinese lingerie brands should learn this kind open-minded management conceptto encourage more designers express their passion and point of views freely,don’t put too much market benefit on designers’ shoulders.

Fourthly, it must be the technologies application process.

Although Chinese lingerie labels tried their best to import many advanced technologies skills from European market,but they are still green in its rightful application, sometimes we can hear theshop assistant recommend us their innovation in fabric, they talk a lot but theconsumers are still innocent about its function, even sometimes as a consumerwe doubt that if the shop assistant know well about its own products, it willbe big waste for cost I think. There must be big problems in its application process,the application of new technology is not just for engineer department but salesdepartment.

Fifth, it is the pursuit of details.

I have ever read a saying that the Chinese in pursuit of relationship but westerners focus on its textures. That’s differencebetween two countries’ market conception even we can see the strong foundationsto prove it in our daily life. What we can do it not just compliant but acceptits existence to find common place if we decide to benefit from others’ blankor proficiency. Most of Chinese lingerie enterprises focus on a general outlineof project achievement, they are satisfied about its 70% accomplishmentneglecting of detail perfecting, and actually success lies in details.

After lingering about the generally differences or gaps between Chinese lingerie market and European market, whatwe need to do is to face it rationally and do our best to improve and get overit. How to bridge the market gap between Chinese lingerie and abroad lingerie?

I think we need to equip ourselves with modesty attitude, accepting our disadvantage and others’ advantages, learningothers through professional training lectures or read the updated articles inthe lingerie industrial web, concerning what happens beside us or in the farmodern lingerie market, sharing your designers with publics to receivingconstructive comment or suggestions from lingerie experts or colleges,importing famous lingerie designers conception or management mode through anexperienced lingerie platform or by yourself diligent study and high efficientcommunication. Don’t be proud of temporary success in market statistic, blowingoff is dangerous for further advancement and post threaten for clearlyunderstanding of itself and others, bringing chance for your components to wipeout you easily.

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