In anticipation of the summer, many women ask this question, because the wardrobe bursts with plenty, and how among this diversity to choose the necessary in a short time, remains a puzzle. So calendar shows two days before the departure, and your suitcase can not accommodate even a half of that without what, you think, you are not able to look stylish. I will help you cut off superfluous and do not miss necessary.

The three basic stages of formation the wardrobe for vacation:

  1. The first and main point is to determine clear what kind of vocation you will have - an adventure in the mountains, shopping- tour in the capital of fashion or beach relaxation length in two weeks.
  2. Learn as much as you can about the weather in the country of your holidays.
  3. Take in hands a sheet of paper and a pencil and make a list of things that you need, as long as you're just planning and calculating everything in your mind, you will not understand the real scope. Writing in the old fashioned way will help you to realize that a lot of "necessary" will not come in handy.


Well, now move on to the rules of making this list:

-         You need the basic set of cloths. Pick up 5-10 wardrobe items (dresses, jeans, sweaters, T-shirts), which are easily combined with each other. Ideally, this clothings should be neutral, made of natural fabrics, which are practical in usage.

-         Less clothes - more accessories. For your sets of basic clothings try to find a little more varied accessories, they will take up minimal space in your suitcase, but with their help you can create a huge number of interesting and fresh combinations.

-         Bring cloths-transformers. This is more relevant than ever this season, and it's very practical: bags that turn into raincoats, dresses that turn into tops and skirts, cardigans that become scarves - the choice is yours.

-         A comfortable pair of shoes. At least one. It should be with you always, even if you are going to the French Riviera, where you will visit all public events from professional resume of the season. A pair of comfortable shoes is a must have on every continent, in all weather conditions.

-         Bags. Feel free to put it in a suitcase, at least two - one small and elegant, the second - a spacious and practical.


With these simple tips vacation preparation is not your headache anymore and piles of luggage will not spoil the bliss on the path to long-awaited vacation. You will look fresh and stylish, traveling light, and the last hours before the flight you will not spend in the mountains of clothes and doubt, but drinking coffee or sipping a cocktail at the bar, after all ahead you have your vacation.

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