How to Avoid Drain Clogs Due to Hair Products


Every day you do your hair and head out the door to get on with your day, but those strands of hair and the products you put in them could be responsible for your clogged sink and tub drains. Preventing the problem as well as knowing how to combat the issue on your own should it happen may keep you from having to call the plumber. The following are four tips to keep in mind.

Use a hair catcher

There are so many different hair catchers that you can use that are not only budget-friendly but that can significantly decrease your chances of having to deal with clogs. Many will catch the hair as well as products that are thick in consistency. Make sure you choose a hair catcher that fits your particular drain so it works properly.

Care for the pop-up stopper

You know the pop-up stopper in your bathroom sink? It needs to be cleaned out in order to prevent a clog of hair and product, so try and do that regularly. To prevent it from getting clogged in the first place, wipe any product or hair strands out of the sink before you turn the water on so it doesn’t go down the drain.

Clean out the tub drain

You’d be surprised how much hair and product can build up inside the drain even if you do everything possible to prevent that from happening. If you don’t already use a hair catcher, it can be a good investment, but cleaning out the tub drain regularly can help prevent a clog from happening in the first place.

Run hot water

Certain products you’re using, such as coconut oil, may be clogging your drains. While you should avoid using the drain-clogging products as much as possible (or at least try and prevent them from going down the drain) you can also run hot water for a full minute after using them to help prevent them from clogging up.

Using a plunger, a drain snake, and a liquid clog remover are additional options you may want to consider trying before you call a plumber. If you’re doing everything possible and nothing seems to be working, it’s time to make the call and have it handled by a pro from a company like Art Douglas Plumbing Inc. before the problem gets worse and ends up costing you a lot more to fix than it initially would have for a simple clog in the early stages.

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