How often should you change your wigs?


When talking about the lifespan of the wigs, they may influenced by many factors. How often should you change your wigs?

The girls may change their wigs with the reason of desire to change hairstyles. If you desire to search for a different hairstyle or desire to try a new color, the girls may be selected to change one wig.

Besides this factor, depends on the quality of wigs, wearing frequency, and maintenance conditioner to select the wigs.

*The quality of the wigs

High-quality human hair wigs made with real human hair, tend to have long lifespans if you take good care of them. Through proper care, the human hair wigs can last one or two years or even more.

*Wearing frequency

The girls who wear the wigs frequently, such as daily wear and wash frequently, the quicker and easier to tear than occasionally wear them.


The wigs of good maintenance play a significant role in the lifespan of a wig. Attention to the methods of washing, conditioning, and storing your wig in the right place is useful to prolong the lifespan of the wig.


So for these factors that influence the lifespan of a wig, what does the sign mean they are required to replace the wigs?

The signs of excessive shedding, tangling, or visible damage, it is time to consider replacing it.

Whether for your personal style to change the wigs or the damage of wigs to change wigs, it is common for girls.

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