Fashion is a global industry that generates billions. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your circumstances are – the way you dress, and how you accessorize your body is a major focus of attention.

The clothing that you choose, and the accessories you complement them with, is important. Because it is how you communicate your personality to others. Whether you want to showcase your serious side, a sporty side, or an artsy personality. How you dress communicates your personality to others. A watch plays a big part in that, because it is an accessory that complements the outfits that you put together showcase your personality. They themselves can say a lot about you, too, and there are a variety of options when it comes to design, color, and style. Consider the following:

Design Styles

Firstly, ask yourself what message you want to send. Your watch should accent your personality, your clothing, and other accessories.

  • Elegant – An elegant watch screams taste, and discernment. While their purpose may not be to flaunt your status with a garish flourish, their uncomplicated beauty speaks to their high-end quality.


  • Sporty – There are a wide variety of options when it comes to sporty watches, it’s a watch subcategory that encompasses a variety of colors and shapes. You can even opt for a sporty watch that is suitable for wear to work.


  • Casual – The name shouldn’t fool you, just because it’s casual doesn’t mean it’s lesser quality, or made cheaply. This is a well-crafted watch that sports a less conservative design, it’s slightly more playful, and can be worn just about anywhere.


This is another consideration, what shade or hue do you want? The color you choose can fit seamlessly into the message you want to send.

  • Bright colors – Bright colors signify whimsy and fun. They can be flashy, and are informal. The majority of brightly colored watches are found in the sports watch category.
  • Black – black is formal and elegant, if you want understate elegance, there is no better choice than black. It’s a staple color.
  • Khaki, gray, or brown – these are more casual colors, conveying a playful message. If you want to communicate a message of relaxation, or informality, then these options are for you.
  • Metals – obviously, you can also choose from the likes of stainless steel, silver, gold plated, and more. These are classic options and can be formal or casual.

Choosing a watch to fit your style

There are a variety of price points, styles, and designs from all types of watch makers and brands. Browsing timepieces and watches online, you may be able to pinpoint a specific brand that conveys your personality and style better than another brand. This will allow you to shop around that brand to see if there is a particular watch that meets your criteria.

Whether your personality is all about style and sophistication; traditional and innovative; you’re a caregiver; a workaholic; wealthy and rich; a thinker; a people person; a mechanic; an artist, or practical and organized.

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