How do small people dress differently?

Warm, happy, comfortable, more like these comfortable and beautiful words for middle-aged women look forward to working with the pursuit of life, smooth the edges, cooling the blood, middle age, for women should not be failed in life, fully pay state, more should know yourself, makeup dot eyebrow eye, delicate and elegant life.

Maybe we are not beautiful, but must have a unique charm, old age, its own school of temperament into nature; Not tall, but know how to match, the same can look clean and comfortable. In this installment, we will teach you how to dress comfy and make your little person look special!

How can a blogger who is 158 be able to wear a 168 look?

1. Simplify and lighten the burden

Short girl is not suitable for too complicated clothes, it is easy to cause too many elements, visual confusion. The limit of height makes the temperament of small girls not fierce, too three-dimensional pattern or design, without the support of tall height, will not be able to wear to match the gas field, so that the wearer is not in control of the clothing, more like the clothing in the suppression of the wearer. Because small figure woman should know "ground" measure of measures, unfavorable excessive pursuit is complicated and miscellaneous collocation, change numerous and complex to be simple ability highlights oneself light Jane Wen Wan temperament.

Clothing pattern is too much, there is the effect of widening on the vision, the small woman that does not have the advantage originally on longitudinal plus horizontal widening, can let a person show short a few minutes again absolutely. Specular plain color is obviously more suitable for small people. The monotonous color makes people more clean and simple, and reduces the sense of horizontal expansion; Choose a comfortable, loose-fitting style that will make skinny little women look fuller, while making it easier for meaty little women to hide proud flesh.

Delimit key: small figure female unfavorable dress too flowery, bring visual expansion feeling easily, more pull low height. Blogger ball Ao likes to use plain shirt and A word cotton skirt to create A longitudinal straight line to wear, both are more line sense of single products, as well as plain color of the effect of adduction, so that the overall look has A straight show A high sense!

2, pay attention to the waist line, 37 is better

Small women dress a taboo version of the straight jacket type, up and down into one, will really wear the focus on the vertical. But the human body needs the aesthetics of curves, and the big straight line will only completely enveloped the small people, like the "tailored" height measurement clothing, which completely exposes the secret of height. For small clothes, whether loose or tight clothes, the focus should be on the waist line, the proportion of 37 is the best to show a high proportion.

Of waist line make the design that can pass dress oneself directly, also can build waist line through the collocation that act the role of article. The waist line is the boundary node between the upper body and the lower body. Once this node is pointed out, it will make the upper and lower body connect more smoothly and show the concave and convex lines of the whole body. When we build the waist line, we should also try to know how to enhance the waist line, shorten the upper body, elongate the lower body, the more close to the ratio of 37, the more can have a high effect.

Delimit a key: waist line is small person wears the place of the dot eyeball in build, want a figure to be slim tall carry, wear everyday what build must not miss waist line is made. Blogger ball Ao in creating the waist line will not directly blunt all the jacket into the waistband, more is to create a more delicate waist line through collocation, such as belt, rope or through the short coat scattered between the construction, so that the simple modeling to enhance the texture of wear.

3, the top short and the bottom long, elongate the leg line

Many small female is wearing the biggest distress in building no more than leg short, follow the wind to learn the wide leg pants of great heat to wear, others wear languid lazy and fine, oneself wear it is awkward and eccentric however, pour like a child to wear the clothes of adults. The problem with this is that wide-leg pants are often extremely long and wide, with too long legs piling up around the ankles and creating excess weight, and too wide legs widening the legs, not only making you look less crisp, but not at all tall.

Wide-leg pants are a sure way to look taller, but for smaller women, they require a careful balance between width and length. Too wide legs, similar to the state of bell bottoms are not suitable for small women, too much emphasis on the horizontal will show a high effect at a discount. Generally choose pants in their widest legs outside the circumference of the best 3 to 4 centimeters, straight tube wide leg pants for the leg type of tolerance is more broad, will also be more tall. When boy female wears to take trousers or it is long skirt, the choice of length must show instep and ankle, more show neat while also can decorate the height proportion of small figure more harmonious.

Delimit a key: small person wears in build to the length of trouser model and width must know to choose or not, straight tube trousers is the trouser model that small person had better match, moderate at the same time show ankle, what can leave white gives lower half body is thin, also be a kind of show tall small knack. In the elongated leg line, the blogger has always been reluctant to put on high heels directly, but persistent in the straight leg casual pants, so that their comfort is the first.

Dress is a knowledge, learn to use, exquisite self. Small woman has its unique beauty law, the external never can restrict the beauty of female nature, small height nature also can't block small woman to the pursuit of beauty.Read more at:cheap formal dresses brisbane | formal dress shops adelaide

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