Two of this season’s most popular holidays are upon us and so are the increased number of holiday parties you may need to attend. Whether it’s dressing for a Christmas Party or for New Year’s Eve, you want to arrive looking flawless in your cocktail dress, 3-inch spikes, and clutch. What about the make up? You may arrive looking like the cover of Vogue magazine, but after nibbling on all those hors d’oeuvres and over-indulging on the champagne, you may end up looking like the bride of Frankenstein by the end of the evening.

Fashionologymag points out that you can still look like the face that belongs on Vogue’s cover shoot at the end of the night, by simply following the tips below: 

Prep Correctly

Before applying any make up, you need to prep the skin so that the make-up remains in place for the whole evening. If you are prone to dry skin, apply a scant layer of moisturizer followed by a make-up primer. Choose a primer that leaves a flawless and glowing finish.

Apply a lip liner over the entire lip

Select a lip liner in a holiday shade (that you like) and liberally apply it on your lips, covering the entire area. Now take a lipstick in that colour, and apply it over the entire lip area. This will keep your lips looking vibrant all evening, after all that champagne!

Apply lip gloss for extra protection

By applying lip-gloss over the lip stick, it will create shine and seal in the colour of the lipstick. This technique will make your lipstick colour last for a longer period of time.

Combat eye circles with caffeinated eye-cream

As the holidays approach, it is highly likely that you will lose out on sleep, sometimes looking for fashion tips on the internet or simply because you are partying. So don’t be surprised to see bags and dark circles under your eyes. Before applying concealer, prep the eye area with an application of a cooling, caffeinated eye-cream. These creams contain yeast extract and caffeine powder which help to brighten the under-eye area and de-puff it.

Apply highlights to the under-eye area

Highlight the under-eye area with a light dusting of highlighting powder after applying your makeup. First brush it on and then gently tap it using the fingers.

Use atomized water to set your make-up

To encourage that fresh look all night, first apply any touch up make up as required. Follow this with a scant application of atomized water. Apply it all over your face using a cotton ball or your fingers.

Invest in blotting sheets

After all that mingling, drinking, eating, and dancing, a thin layer of luminescence (oil) will form on your T-zone. You may be tempted to apply your compact, but avoid this and use a facial blotting sheet instead. This will remove excess shine and oil without altering your perfect makeup.

By following the holiday make up tips mentioned above, you can arrive at the party looking like a goddess and exit looking like one too!

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