High Waist Shorts for Men Now Making Their Comeback


Everyone is showing off this trend. On a practical note, high waist shorts fit better than low rise ones on nearly every body type. The technique is to invest in a pair of shorts that fall naturally on your waistline and cling to your hips.

Features to look for in a high waist shorts for men

One should look around for a suitable fit for one's body similar to other forms of clothing. Saying that high waist shorts are suitable for all body types is a big generalization. One should feel very comfortable wearing them.

This fact can be a guiding point to help one find a suitable pair for oneself. High waist shorts are ideal for women having an hourglass, straight line or apple figure. They would look bad on women having a bigger bottom since these types of shorts highlight this part of the body. A woman should go for a top that fits well and tries to tuck it in if it is possible. Tops having ruffles would suit this trend very well. The tops or blouses to be worn with such shorts depend on the length, style, and prints of the shorts.

Different types of shorts

One should have different types of shorts for a variety of options. A casual shirt would look better on knee-length shorts instead of a dainty looking shirt. Men’s elastic waist shorts would look good with chic blouses. One could opt for a blouse having butterfly sleeves which can be tucked in the upper waist portion in order to emphasize the style of the shorts.

Even women can wear them

One could pair it with ankle boots or cuffed heels. One should have the perfect top to match the pair of shorts. If a woman happens to like the shape of her legs she should opt for high waist shorts made of a material that can stretch so that she is able to move around and they should not dig into the hips and create bulges that are unsightly. One could opt for a loose-fitting long top in order to hide the waistband so that nobody comes to know that the waistband is around the belly button. This combination can be used in order to flaunt specific body parts like wearing a top with a low neckline to show off a décolletage that is flawless.

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