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     "TAKEMOTO" series glasses are designed by Mr. Bamboo himself ,and the most beautiful and great ideas were embodied on this brand. For this brand, they mainly use some expensive materials such as sandalwood, ebony, pear wood, natural horns for basic and embellish with natural pearls, natural gemstones, sterling silver, natural shell, Chinese porcelain, etc. Most of them are the first time appearing in the glasses history. The positioning of this brand is setting innovative design, excellent hand and rare materials in one which make it luxury and basically make the quantity customize services for high-end customers. Because of the small amount, they will compile the exclusive code for every pair, curve the name of the buyer on it and equip with glasses box in precious timber. If you like, you can also choose ostrich skin, salmon skin, leather, snakeskin, etc to create handmade leather box and curve on it. All the glasses are provided with free service of maintenance and replacement by them the whole life.

     "TAKE BY TAKEMOTO” is another low-end series for this brand which is suitable for the environmentalist. It is mainly face to the customers who prefer the environmental products or handmade products , especially developed the style of reading glasses and welcomed by the European and American. TAKEMOTO make use of the natural e bamboo of short growth circle as main materials and design all the styles by himself. Most of the production process are completed in the workshop subordinate by hand while some important part installation by the creative team themselves, so it can not be produced in bulk. 8842862264?profile=original



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