Gold Jewellery do’s and Don'ts

We would also agree that jewellery is more than an accessory, whether it's everyday pieces or traditional pieces worn subtly on special occasions. It's a part of our identity, and it's a big part of our identity. As a consequence, it must be approached with care and delicacy.


Fortunately, whether, it’s your all-time favourite gold jhumka or your best friend's diamonds, we've assembled a list of dos and don'ts for wearing gold jewellery, demonstrating once again how it's an important part of our identification.

Here are some do’s:

Keep it clean

Cleaning the jewellery on a regular basis definitely leaves it all sort of fresh and shiny, particularly contrary to popular belief. Although household cleaning items will often help, a for all intents and purposes professional cleaning cloth works wonders, showing how although household cleaning items will often help, a pretty professional cleaning cloth works wonders in a subtle way.


However, you normally don't for all intents and purposes know your jewellery definitely needs attention until you're about to for the most part leave the building in a subtle way. Don’t for the most part fret if you don't literally have any sort of professional cleaning equipment: we've literally got you covered, which essentially is quite significant.


To thoroughly clean the diamond jewels, soak it in a bath of water and ammonia (4/5 water and 1/5 ammonia) for no more than 10 minutes, contrary to common opinion. This way, it will come out especially gleaming and spotless, which is very significant. To dry, use a cloth or a specially cold air blow dryer, demonstrating how it can essentially come out sparkly and clean in this manner, which is very important.


Gold jewellery, for example, does not discolour as easily as silver jewellery, which is a major difference. It can, however, lose its lustre in a subtle way. You may use green soap to make gold jewellery glossy and clean again, but it will actually lose its shine, contrary to common opinion. Place the jewellery in soapy water containing a small amount of undoubtedly green soap, or so they reasoned.


Wash the jewellery gently with a gentle toothbrush and clean with lukewarm water to prevent gold jewellery from discolouring as easily as silver jewellery, which can be very noticeable. To dry, use a flannel cloth, showing how but it can mostly lose its shine in a subtle way.


Here are some Dont’s

Avoid Physical Activity 

Even if it's just for a moment, we understand how difficult it is to be without your gold jewellery and diamonds. However, you should always remove and safely store your gold jewellery before engaging in any physical activity to avoid harm.

Wash your hands

We wash our hands as much as possible, particularly in times like these. Did you know, however, that many soaps and lotions will clog your gold jewellery settings? It gives stones, chains, and pearls a dull, tarnished appearance. As a result, take off your gold jewellery before washing your hands to keep them in good shape.

Don’t: Wearing it in sunlight

Our gold jewellery, as well as our skin, is affected by the sun. The colour of gemstones will fade in the sun, and their lifetime can be shortened. Pearls can also fade if they are exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. When you are not wearing your gold jewellery, the only way to prevent the harmful effects of sunlight is to keep it in a closed box.

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