Emerging Magazine & Celebrity Charity Event Productions will interlace a male and female model call and competition with Global Models For Charity Luxury Ball. The Competition begins online beginning April 30, 2011.
Emerging Magazine - Global Models For Charity

Emerging Magazine - Global Models For Charity


PRLog (Press Release)Apr 27, 2011 – Emerging Magazine, and its Celebrity Charity Event Productions division, believes combining two events into one charity event will be beneficial to the charitable organizations chosen for these events, set to begin April 30, 2011 and complete in an extravagant luxury ball in Malibu, California, February 11, 2012.

The model competition, Emerging Magazine's Top 100 International Models, will conclude December 05, 2011. The top ten (10) male finalist and the top ten (10) female finalist will attend and model luxury products and haute couture designs provided by vendors and sponsors during the event.

The Global Models For Charity Luxury Ball is in early celebration of Valentine's Day and heralded as a Celebrity and Model Spectacular! Models from around the world are encouraged to sign-up for the competition as soon as possible. Voting pages will be created for each contestant online. Voters do not need to join Emerging Magazine to vote.
Sign-up and rules can be found here: http://emergingmagazine.com/page/em-top-100-models-1

Emerging Magazine has held online model competitions in the past, drawing nearly 200,000 page views a month. "We want our competitors to promote themselves and to meet industry professionals during these events," says S. Rothe' du Bois of Emerging Magazine, "However, the competition has another important role, promoting charitable organizations and helping them reach their goals," he continued.

Models For Charity Luxury Ball is an extraordinary medium to raise funds for organizations and foundations. Emerging Magazine will be making an announcement July 04, 2011 regarding their two choices for charity beneficiaries during the online competition and the Global Models for Charity Luxury Ball.

Sponsors and vendors are encouraged to contact Emerging Magazine with interest regarding the online competition and the Global Models for Charity Luxury Ball. The model call for male models and female models is underway. Categories are, Casual Wear, Evening Wear and Swimwear.  Visit the Global Models For Charity Luxury Ball profile page at: http://emergingmagazine.com/profile/GlobalModelsForChari ...
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