Girl 9 Magazine Lingerie Model Selfie Photo Model Contest

2017 Worldwide Selfie Lingerie Model Search


Girl 9 Magazine Lingerie Model Selfie Photo Contest 2017 is now holding its official First Time Selfie Model Search Contest Worldwide for the hottest aspiring lingerie selfie models that like to take sexy photos of themselves and want to share them with the world.



Girl 9 Magazine is one of the most successful internationally known magazines that the International Beauty Movement now publishes online, currently Girl 9 Magazine has over a million readers worldwide and Girl 9 Magazine receives over 125 aspiring models lingerie models, bikini models, and artistic nude models worldwide submitting their photos each day for the chance of being a possible feature in the internationally known magazine.



Girl 9 Magazine has decided to hold its first worldwide selfie model search contest for lingerie models, bikini models, and artistic models, since 20 percent of the aspiring models submit selfie photos to Girl 9 Magazine for review, which is not our magazine’s customary format to publish selfie photos, but we decided to give all of the beautiful sexy women around the world the chance to have their sexy selfie photos published in Girl 9 Magazine to jump start their modeling career, and we will be selecting 12 aspiring sexy selfie photo models with the hottest and most sexiest sefie photos to feature in upcoming issue of Girl 9 Magazine.


Would you like to be a Female Selfie Lingerie Model or Bikini Model Featured In the internationally known Girl 9 Bikini Magazine for Men that is read by thousands of men and women daily worldwide and has over a million readers?



Girl 9 Magazine is seeking a select group of eye catching hot and beautiful lingerie models, nude models, artistic nude models, and bikini models posing nude, semi nude, or in their hottest lingerie or bikini wear to feature and promote worldwide in an upcoming issue of Girl 9 Magazine.



This is one modeling opportunity you don’t want to miss if you if you enjoy taking sexy selfie photos and you are serious about promoting your sexy image worldwide and taking your modeling career to the next level.

If you are a beautiful female aspiring bikini model, nude model, artistic nude model, or lingerie model ages 18-35 that looks irresistible nude, semi nude, or in a sexy bikini or sexy lingerie and you are searching for a legitimate major fashion industry modeling opportunity that will give you an excellent opportunity to build or expand your modeling career, build a reputable magazine print model portfolio, and establish a name for yourself by becoming a published print model in an international men’s magazine, then this is chance for you have been looking for to show off your beauty face and curves as a print model in a popular internationally known online men’s magazine.



Girl 9 Magazine is published by the International Beauty Movement and read by thousands of people each day, including top modeling agencies looking for new faces worldwide, TV and Movie Casting Directors, Fashion and Style Directors, entertainment insiders, and fashion event coordinators.


The time to take your modeling career to amazing new levels starts here!


What are you waiting for?


Submit yourself today for your big shot to be featured as a sexy print magazine model in an upcoming issue of Girl 9 Magazine For Men.


Girl 9 Magazine is now accepting hot and sexy selfie photo from Asian models, Indonesian models, Ethnic models, African models, European models, Latina models, Indian models, Polynesian models, Russian models, African American models, White models, Italian models, Bi-racial models, erotic models, exotic models, vixen models, artistic nude models, fitness models, bikini models, inked models, nude models, and beautiful females with fit sexy bodies that want  to apply for this worldwide magazine print modeling opportunity of the year.



If you are a beautiful female aspiring model that’s ready to get your modeling career started or take your modeling career to the next level as a possible featured print magazine model in an upcoming issue of Girl 9 Magazine, then you want to respond to this casting call immediately by submitting a bio with your  name, city and state, email address, phone number, your height, weight, and measurements and also submit 12-20 of your hottest and most recent full body selfie photos in your hottest bikini, nude, artistic nude, or lingerie only, that are no older than 12 months with no writing or borders.



Submit 12-20 recent full body head to toe clear selfie photos in lingerie, artistic nude, or bikini only, and a cover letter or bio with your phone number to: girl9magazine@aol.com


All selfie photos submitted by lingerie and bikini models will be judged on their photo quality, hair and makeup, creative sexy posing quality.





We do not accept selfie photos that are older than 12 months, we do not accept less than 12 recent full body selfie photos, we do not accept selfie photos with more than one model in it, we do not accept selfie photos posted on other websites, we do not accept low resolution selfie photos, we do not accept selfie photos with writing on them, we do not accept selfie photos that are collages or have effects, or have borders added to them, so please do not submit none of the above or your selfie photos will not be considered.



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