Who doesn't love to show off their feet with flip-flops and strappy sandals? Feet have very delicate upper skin and thicker skin on the balls and heels. The thinner top skin is sensitive to pain whereas the thicker skin on balls and heels act as cushions for the many activities that place weight and greater pressure on feet.

There are five beautifying steps for flip-flop ready fierce feet to include for basic foot care. These include:

  1. Keep feet clean
  2. Pumice away any
  3. Create a pedicure routine
  4. Once weekly foot soak
  5. Massage feet with moisturizer

Keep Feet Clean

Keeping your feet clean at all times is the best way to avoid blisters, toe fungus and Athlete's Foot. Use a small brush to remove dirt and sediment on foot surfaces as well as between toes.


Pumice Away Rough Spots

One quick tip to pumice away rough spots on the heels and exterior of the instep is to use a pumice stone after your feet are clean and towel dried. Rough, dry skin removes more easily when feet are slightly damp.

Create a Pedicure Routine

Keep in mind your feet need as much care as your face. Twice a week, create a pedicure routine that includes:

. Remove old nail polish thoroughly with polish remover and a cotton ball

. Using an orange wood stick to push back dead cuticle around toes

. Use a precision set of cuticle and nail clippers to keep toenails even and avoid ingrown toenails and to close clip thick cuticle around toes

. Massage a gentle oil into toenails and buff to a sheen

. If preferred, use a light colored nail polish base and two coats of nail polish

Once Weekly Foot Soak

At last once weekly treat your feet to a foot soak. Some prefer Epsom or bath salts. However, another tip is to soak feet in a foot bath of one teaspoon of bath oil to two quarts of water. Dry thoroughly with a terry towel. Some companies, like Chesapeake Research Group, LLC, know that this is a great way to keep your feet clean.  You should soak your feet at least ten minutes in order to receive maximum benefits.

Massage Feet With Moisturizer

Bedtime is the perfect time of day to moisturize your feet. Massage a good quality moisturizer into the feet to relax them as well as provide much needed moisture. If preferred, place bed socks over the moisturized feet before turning in for the night.

If the five steps provided are followed faithfully before flip-flop season begins, you may find stress on your feet is reduced and your feet will look fierce when you put on your flip-flops.

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