Feast your eyes on FRS exciting photoshoot

I’m here today to report all the latest and big events that are currently occuring on our end. Oh boy, are they big. Huge, actually! Monday it was a bright sunny late summer day here in Berlin and we got to shoot our very first (one of many more to come) promotional campaign. Lucky much?

A stressful yet exciting day was coming our way and even with all the last minute changes, we made it through the wild! It was nonstop walk-around, posing, testing, light check, make-up and hair from 9h to 19h and it was an awe-inspiring day. Mission accomplished!

And you’re wondering “why are you doing a photoshoot NOW?”, well… each thing in its own time! Keep an eye out for what’s coming up next, it will be even bigger! Stay tuned for the FRS whooping news!

And here’s a H-U-G-E thank you note to everyone involved:

  •  Our beautiful and mighty eyed dream model Antje Waldschmidt
  • Andreas Bernhardt, the famed amazing hair stylist and makeup artist
  • The unique and colourful Fenke Schwan & Alex Gabrielfrom Gabriel & Schwan
  • The absolutely fabulous Antonia Goy
  • The amazingly talented Elise Ballegeer
  • The knit-design person of the hour Natascha Loch
  • The candid and flower queen St Royal
  • The hip and way-cool guys from Treches
  • The Lukkas band for the amazing background music and for elegantly posing for FRS!
  • The kind guys and gals from Das Edelweiss
  • And of course, our crazy unstoppable creative photographer Daniel Becker, God sent Daniel Matias and everyone from the FRS team: Florian, Romina, dancing G., and Benjamin!

And now: Feast your eyes on this exclusive preview of FRS first ever big photoshoot.


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