8843513852?profile=originalMany small businesses, particularly fashion retailers, are asking themselves the same question…How do I get my product introduced to more people and how do I get more customers to buy from my store? In essence, what type of marketing is going to net me the highest return?

Marketing has evolved dramatically in recent years. It was once a mission to reach the greatest number of people possible, whereas now it requires a more strategic and targeted approach. As a retailer, it is now more important than ever, to target those people who are most likely to share your story with others. It’s often called Sponsored Social, Blogging or Influencer Marketing. It’s a strategic tactic to deliver your Brand’s message, leveraging digital, social and traditional ‘word of mouth’. It provides an opportunity for your Brand to have a meaningful conversation with your target customer through an Influencer who has a trusted and transparent relationship with their followers. It’s not about selling or promoting, it’s about engaging and sharing. 

Time and time again the data tells us that blogs are becoming the most trusted source of information about products. According to data collated by www.blogher.com, 81% of women trust blogs and this trust drives action with 61% buying something that was recommended to them from a blog. What’s more, blog as a social network lead the way when it comes to deciding what to buy, getting product information and finding out about new products.

It’s exciting to see more and more Brands turning to Influencer Marketing with great success. They are quick to realize the value of building long-term relationships with boggers who have a direct connection into their target market. The impact is immediate and for those Brands that take the time to build an ongoing relationship with these influencers, the long-term benefits are immense.

 So what’s the best way of incorporating ‘Sponsored Social’ into your existing marketing strategy? What do you need to look for and where do you find them? 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to collaborating with Bloggers. The right influencer on Instagram may not be the best option for a blog post and vice versa.

There are now plenty of agencies and websites that can help you source bloggers and influencers, depending on your budget and requirements. Some things to look for when sourcing influencers include accessibility to verified data about the influencer and their following. For example, it is important to look at the level of engagement your influencers have with their followers, the type and number of followers and whether the blogger’s followers are aligned to your target customer profile. Finding a platform that provides transparency in terms of data and results is pivotal to your overall success. It is critical to be able to track which influencers have been the best fit for your brand so you can nurture and grow those relationships.

Influencer marketing is so cost effective, whether your business is large or small, you can afford to give it a try, learn, break new ground and ultimately reach new customers with very little investment. 

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