If you are interested in a suggestion, here is a bit of advice for those of you that would like more people to view your fashion photos, fashion blog posts, fashion videos, fashion forum posts, etc. The tip of the day is that you may benefit from using tags, titles, and descriptions when the option is available to you. Tags work similar to keywords. To put the concept of tagging in a nut shell, the tags help to categorize the information or images that you have added to the Fashion Industry Network.

If your information is categorized (as opposed to not categorized), their will be additional benefits. For example, when a member or non member uses the search engine, that you can see at the top right hand side of this page, the tags will help your information be found.

Learn more about fashion tags.

Tags should be coupled with proper titles and descriptions when possible. For example, in the fashion photos section of the site, you will find that when you submit an image you have the opportunity to create a title, description, and tags. Because these three options are available to you, my suggestion is that you utilize the opportunity.

Please note that tagging is NOT required. This is completely an optional function. Some of you may think that adding proper titles and descriptions to your images and blog posts consumes too much time. That opinion is totally fine... You would be correct when determining that tagging your posts takes more effort then not tagging your posts (approximately an extra 37 seconds taken away from your day). I guess the question you need to ask yourself, "Is tagging worth the effort?". Well, if it helps with your decision at all, I always try to tag my posts (because I think it helps my posts become more visible). For the record, I do on occasion "forget" to add tags etc. However, I do try to add them when possible.

Note: If you want to use two or more words together to form ONE tag you would need to use quotation marks. For example, if your blog post is regarding Ralph Lauren, you may wish to use "Ralph Lauren" as your tag. If you do not use quotes, you would have tagged two words. One tag being Ralph and the other being Lauren.

If you want to tag his name as one tag and also add another tag such as polo or dress or something like that, you will need to use a comma then space to separate the tags.

If you had written a fashion blog post or posted an image, video, or forum discussion, regarding Ralph Lauren designing a special dress specifically for the Polo brand you may wish to use three tags as follows:

Polo, "Ralph Lauren", Dress

Again, note how I used the quotation marks to create one tag for Ralph Lauren and I used a comment then a space between the different tags. If you use the "Ralph Lauren" tag, when someone types the words Ralph Lauren in the search box, your blog would have an opportunity to appear on the search result as seen here http://www.fashionindustrynetwork.com/profiles/blog/list?tag=Ralph+Lauren Or click Ralph Lauren Blog Posts to see the example.

I hope I did not make the above sound more confusing then it should be...

In summary, using tags, titles, and descriptions may help you as well as others locate relevant information when utilizing the search engine. On the Fashion Industry Network, you are welcome to utilize the tagging feature or disregard it entirely. The choice is completely up to you.

By the way, if you have previously posted images without titles, tags, or descriptions and you wish to go back and add the information, you are welcome to do so. You have the ability to edit your previous posts.

PLEASE keep all discussions relevant to fashion, textiles, beauty products, or jewelry.

Follow the Fashion Industry Network Rules.

It is always a good time to review fabulous fashion.


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