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It’s a fact that people love to wear the clothes from the designers they find to be the most trendy and creative. And it’s a fact that those designers need to be creative, as fashion is truly an art, just like any other form of design. It doesn’t matter if you design Roman blinds or red carpet dresses, creativity lies in the heart of what you do. The more creative a fashion designer is, the higher standard his fashion usually is.

But, not all people have the same budget and are able to afford these high end designers. Some have lower budgets, and fortunately, there are great designers who fit in their price range.

The best high end designers

These designers are the ones most often featured on the red carpet and are worn by people who don’t really have an upper budget limit. Designers like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Versace, all hold a place in this tier. The dresses made by Valentino are famous for being the dresses of the Bond girls. These designers make beautiful fashion, but are not exactly what you would call affordable.

The best mid range designers

These designers offer more affordable prices, yet are still very popular and create great fashion. In today’s market, you could say that the three best designers, for this price range, are Kenneth Cole, Nicole Miller, and DKNY. These three designers offer very different lines of clothing. For example, Kenneth Cole creates business fashion for businessmen and women. DKNY creates fashion that is most often worn by younger people, and Nicole Miller has more modern and hip clothing, and some really amazing dresses. Check them out if you haven’t already, they have some great clothing at fairly reasonable prices.

The best designers for the lower price range

These lines of clothing and designers are on the low end of the price range. You would typically find them at your local department stores like Target or Walmart. Some good designers in this price range are Derek Heart, No Boundaries, and Energie. These lines of clothing are very inexpensive and go for somewhere around $5 to $30. You wouldn’t wear these types of clothes on the red carpet, but they can work well for a businessman going about his day, somebody who likes to exercise, or just as clothes to be worn around the home.

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