There's something uniquely express about Noneillah runway shows: the classic silhouettes, sequence, unique copyright musical prints, multiple shaded color copyright prints, the expressive asymmetric cuts, the slow-strutting models, the oooh!s and ahhhs of the audience.

The designer of Noneillah doesn't need bells and whistles to get the audience at a fashion show excited -- the clothes are dramatic enough that it speaks for them-selves. The audience audibly gasped when they see Sean Cos Mason signature musical Noneillah collection.

Noneillah Clothes Collection: The collection is ruled by copyright prints distinguish Noneillah made; all trademarks of an excellent designer and an excellent brand, asymmetric designs, multi colors, eyelash material, sequence, stretch and more.  The Noneillah collection is injections of high shine and texture -- yes, there was suitable -- made it modern. Many looks were finished off with disc-shaped fascinators. Sean Cos Mason Noneillah collection is custom made, copyright print designed by his fashion designer, artist, poet, author, stylist, jewelry bead designer mother Naomi Johnson. Noneillah designer Naomi is best known for her musical signature prints, eyelash material and her unique crafty geometric angles on the custom made clothing identifies them as Noneillah. The conventional collection has a diverse look that is interchangeable to sporty and dressy. You can dress up or down with the Noneillah collection. Naomi typically tops some of the outfits off with a hat to add a touch of class of elegance.

Noneillah collection description by others: Here are Noneillah’s collection fans point of views and descriptions about the Noneillah collection style.

Precious love: Out of this world beautiful. The collection can be worn anywhere to a casual or classy event. It also can be worn by younger generation and middle class.

Kafi (Fashion Model): Noneillah is uniquely creative…it’s elegant an it’s original …when I wore the dress It feel AMAZING…I felt like I was untouchable!!! The collection is most definitely a positive investment and I support your collection 150% that’s my vibe.   

Brown CEO (EVDG) Everyday Girl Magazine: Accessible high end fashion. Swag is classy with a bit just enough to appear sensual. The vibe is exciting and you have surprising designs.

James (Deshon’s Friend: The Noneillah Collection expresses Deshon’s love of music. Creativity, freedom and art. The Noneillah collection gives off the vibe of a free sprite person with a love for music and fashion.

Jade (Fashion Model): The Noneillah collection is a uniquely diversified brand that represents one of the many talents of Sean Cos Mason by Naomi Johnson. This particular collection does not have swag…it is sway. This is the epitome of swag, embracing women of all shapes and sizes with couture pieces that instantly boost your self esteem. I think the audience will love the collection because it is a line that can be worn at multiple occasions. It is not just confined to the runway.

 Bobbie: The collection is very unique and colorful. I like the designs reflecting music of Deshon. The vibe is hot…the clothes are sexy and they bring out the swag on every model!

Liz (Fashion Model): I think the collection is comfortable for all an also its upbeat an more in style it has a calling in the clothes as well as the just clothes format it portrays sexiness as well as class the swag of it all is the way it’s more street like as well as when you look at it it’s more of thee feeling when you listen to music every piece of  material is genuine an flows wit grace the vibe I know I get from the clothing is love an hard work something create out of fierce hands so the audience defiantly will not only see the collection, but also the time spent on that

Hair and Makeup: Models wore their hair in slightly disheveled ballerina buns on top of their heads, push to the side or back. Makeup was minimal with dewy skin and flushed cheeks.

Soundtrack For Runway:  Naomi played her son’s music that  he introduced the collection by saying “Noneillah” when he sing or rap or she will play other genre of music for the models to walk to.

Vibe: Expressive/Surprising. The entire audience seemed to be attracted with the formulation of the shapes on the copyright prints and intrigue with consist look with different distinctive on how the clothes are designed that the audience ask to purchase one of the collection.

Swag: Noneillah collection swag is classy, elegant.

 What the Designer Said: "I want it to continue to raise awareness and keep my son’s legacy alive through his music and fashion either when I transition to where my son is so we can be together again.

What the Line Sheet Said: The collection was inspired by fashion designer Naomi son’s tag line when he rap or song, his mission statement on the Entertainment website and the conversation he shared with his mother. The mother and son team had a special unique bound that made them become one soul. These two are very talent, creative, diverse, realist, artistic, poetic, down to earth, carbon copy of one another and free spirit people. Naomi said she wanted the Noneillah collection to feel invited to the eyes, and appealing to the custom looks plus comfortable to the body but modern enough to be wearable by today's elegant woman."

At this point in her career, Naomi needs to choose a team who is devote/loyal to her mission to help raise awareness through the Noneillah collection and stick with it--I say the Nonneillah collection has a diverse look that is a mixture of sporty, sexy, inspiring and classy all the way.

Her strength is making asymmetric shape with its original looks, unique print designs and semi sportswear that's caught the younger audience from teen to fifty probably un-wearable by most older population in their sixty, but covetable by editorial standards. And with a clear talent for accessory design with handmade jewelry by Naomi that may grow as business in the accessories market while maintaining an extravagant runway presentation, also she experimented with her design artistry abstract bold prints or incorporating other fabric colorful prints to plain fabrics without prints.

The Noneillah collection by music artist Sean Cos Mason has been showcased in various venues from New York Fashion Week, Wonder Fashion by well know New Jersey veteran host of fashion shows and fashion designer Tyrone Chablis. Tyrone Chablis loves the Noneillah Collection and Naomi mission behind her musical talented son’s collection to raise awareness through fashion about her son’s untimely, injustice, cruelty, and inhuman demise cause by reckless Coach USA bus driver Wilson Romaine who was operating NJ Transit bus 709 when Johnson was murder. Romaine approach Mr. Johnson with the bus where he stood knocked him down running over his head than dragging him 50 to 100 feet to his last breath. Tyrone was touch and moved about Naomi painful injustice cause by the driver, bus company and prosecutor office he started including the Noneillah collection in some of the community fashion show to open up the people eyes to the increasing death rate caused by some of these reckless bus drivers who is literally getting away with murder and how nothing is being done about these tragedies. Also, how the reckless bus drivers are not being held accountable for these countless deaths, which is spiraling out of control.

Being saying all that, Tyrone included the Noneillah collection in Orange New Jersey Pre-Mother’s Day Fashion Show for the senior citizen, Newark Tech a Night of Egypt Fashion Show, Campus 9 High School in East Orange New Jersey and East Orange City Hall Sidewalk Catwalk Fashion Show. Naomi also put together a Legacy College Charity Fundraiser Scholarship fashion show on March 26, 2015, for her son’s Deshon Johnson College Scholarship Foundation to raise awareness about her son’s injustice demise and two other Montclair residents who were also killed by reckless bus drivers.  So, Naomi reached out to I Stylist Modeling Agency Mrs. Allison and Model/Talented Agency (EVDG) Everyday Girl reached out to her to be a part of the raising awareness about her son’s through the Noneillah collection fashion movement. Everyday Girl Model/Talented Agency Mr. Brown was taken back about her son’s story and he fell in love with the Noneillah fashion, that he interviewed Naomi about her son’s injustice untimely demise and the Noneillah collection by her musical talented son Sean Cos Mason aka Deshon Johnson for his magazine. Not only did he interview fashion designer Naomi who included her son’s Noneillah collection, Mr. Brown asked her to be a part of his photo shoot for the Everyday Girl Magazine next issue. Naomi appeared on several media outlets to raise awareness, to talk about her son’s injustice demise, to raise awareness, his music and to talk about the Noneillah collection/fashion. They were Splash radio with radio personality Jeff Foxx, Joan online Christian radio News 12, Fios News and other newspapers. Channel 4 news also requested to interview her.   

The fashion designer has been requested from other local designers, fashion show promoters to showcase and help raise awareness through the fashion with a cause and for a cause movement.

The Noneillah name and musical prints brings about memories of CEO of Noneillah, hip hop artist, music artist, singer, rap artist (rhythm and poetry), song writer, digital designer, artist, college graduate and most important the only child/son of fashion designer Naomi Johnson. The Noneillah collection is becoming a brand beyond Sean Cos Mason music.

Noneillah is where Sean Cos Mason music and his fashion meets to raise awareness for change about this creative talented young man life tragically end and his injustice case win for justice.

Also, where his legacy through his music and fashion began to soar that will continue to impact the world of people heart that will touch the core of their soul with his story.   

Naomi is open to future interviews with local news, international news, online magazines, traditional magazine, and fashion bloggers. Should you have any comments, questions or request in collaborate with Naomi please email










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