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What you write is important, and nobody knows that more than Emerging Magazine. We seek great content and news that others are interested in reading, want or need to know.

You are writing in your blog, you have some ads placed and visitors are interested in what you have to say. You may say to yourself it is reward enough. 

However, we want to give you more! From cash rewards to exotic getaways and more, all you have to do is write. We reward you for visits to your articles, blog posts, news and other written content. 

No ads for your visitors to click in order for you to be rewarded for your work. We will even help promote your writing for you! Yes, you read that correctly. We reward good writing with free promotional marketing and branding of your name.

How Does It Work?

  • Sign Up with Emerging Magazine [Click Here to Join]
  • Start by writing blog posts in the blog section (you may copy a blog you already have and paste into our blog section). 
  • Start by writing an article as a discussion in our News Groups section (or create your own News Group).
  • Tell others about your writing and share the link to your work.
We track each new visit for you and will be displayed on your posting. We will promote your posts within 48 hours to help drive traffic to your work. It is just that simple!

How Many Visits Are Required For Rewards?

Each visitor level represents a set of premium rewards. In order to receive premium rewards, visitor levels must be met, no time limit is required. Naturally, the quicker your work receives hits, the quicker you receive your reward(s).

You may select from the list of premium rewards for each level. See Premium Rewards here. 

You may choose a reward at any visitor level, however if you feel more visitors will be hitting your posting, you may elect the greater reward. Cash rewards are rewarded at all visitor levels. Airfare, hotels, restaurant and vacation rewards are presented once for each written post.

Visitor Levels Offer Benefits and Rewards

Visitors to your writing is important not only to receive benefits and rewards, but to also inform, instruct and intrigue your viewers. It is our mission to reward good writing.

Although our program offers great packages and rewards, we are seeking to reward the most popular bloggers, journalist and writers with even more.
Keep in mind, we will help promote your work to bring in visitors.
Visitor Levels
    1,000 Visitors
    5,000 Visitors
  15,000 Visitors
  25,000 Visitors
100,000 Visitors
500,000 Visitors

Emerging Magazine will select top writers and offer a paid writing position with the magazine online. Rewards will be given in addition to pay. Reward programs at the paid level include exclusive celebrity and luxury events and more.

Need help getting more visits?

There are many services available to help drive traffic to your content. Some work, others do not. Simply driving traffic to your content is not enough, if there aren't interested in what you have to say or have available to view.

We suggest some of the following services:

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Show Me The Benefits and Rewards!

We offer some great benefits, rewards and packages when you begin adding your content to Emerging Magazine as a blogger, freelance journalist, press release editor, news reporter, or writer.  Get Started Today!

  • Visa Gift Cards
  • Savings Bonds
  • Restaurant Dining
  • Hotels and Resorts Stays
  • Free Gasoline
  • Free Groceries
  • Round-trip Airfare for Two
  • Las Vegas Stay
  • Mexico Getaways
  • Caribbean Getaways
  • Cruises
  • and More!

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