Fashion Advice for Looking Good at all Times

Appearance is number one.

That statement is true for many people, especially for most women. It is because presence represents everyone. Imagine if you get acquaintance with someone new, somewhere, for example, in sport pab, and you're wearing washington nationals hat - this is appropriate!The first think that you judge him/her must be his/her appearance. It is quite common since we will never be able to know someone’s attitude before we are aware much about him/her, except if someone tells you about him/her before.

However, it is still the essential thing to judge someone new from his/her appearance. This is why it is continuously a good idea to always look perfect anytime and anywhere when it comes to appearance. Then, if we talk about appearance, the first thing we have in mind must be about fashion. You always need to know where you can buy clothes, whether it sport visit if something else - search. Unfortunately, not all people know about the right fashion, meaning that it is something that you must learn and take advice from some experts of fashion. Also, if you are a woman, then you may need to know the most basic fashion advice for women.


To be a gorgeous lady, one must be fashionable to be able to look great. No matter how beautiful your face is, if you do not dress up fashionably, then you will still look bad to the people who see you.

On the contrary, even if your face is not that beautiful, you will still be able to look good if you have good taste in fashion. As for women, there is a very basic rule that most women must follow when it comes to being fashionable. The most basic fashion advice for women is that you have to wear clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose. If you want to buy sport accessories - check out and choose something

For some women, wearing loose clothes is a fine thing because the clothes themselves do not press their bodies. The air also can get in and out freely in this kind of clothes. Unfortunately, clothes that are too loose or people usually call them baggy clothes tend to look bad for most eyes. So, it is always better to not wear clothes that are too loose.

However, it doesn’t mean that tight clothes are always good too. In fact, tight clothes make your body curves more visible. At one side, this can be a splendid idea when you want to attract some men since men usually like women in tight clothes. Unfortunately, wearing this kind of clothes requires so many efforts. I like to read different articles in platforms like or others.

First, it can (at some point) limit your movements. This is quite a pain because you may move to a point where this kind of clothes limits you, and you may end up breaking your clothes.

Second, this kind of clothes will press your body to the limit, meaning that you may have a difficulty in breathing because of it.

Also, usually, some good men feel annoyed when they see women dressed in tight clothes because they think that the women intentionally wear that kind of clothes to seduce every man they meet on the street. In other words, tight clothes on women make them look bitchy. Well, that is the most basic fashion advice for women. So, as long as you grasp that, you are free to experiment with fashionable clothes that suit you the best. Good luck.

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