Fashion, trends, and style are very important parts of a lifestyle that we always urge to update with. And accessories are an indivisible part of styling and fashion. Accessories can decorate and convert a boring thing into a colorful and attractive manner. Also, it is not only about aesthetics but comfort as well.

Talking specifically about the eyewear industry, it is very dynamic and diversified with a lot of accessory options like Glasses Cases or Glasses Chain.

Glasses Chain is nothing new. It has been for years now. Many of us must have seen our grandma or grandpa hanging their glasses on their neck. That is why they are also called granny glasses chains.

However, the idea has now evolved more towards a fashion perspective and the Sunglasses Chain or regular wear Glasses Chain become a new talk of the town. We have brought to you all the essential information about this new trend on style boards.

What is a Glass Chain?

It is an eyewear accessory which, as the name suggests, has a chain and fastens to the glasses through the chord. This chain could be made up of anything like metal, beads, pearl, thread, weaved, etc.

Glass chains are vintage, ready to use, and sheer stylish. It adds up to your eyewear look and personality. It is worn around the neck to keep your spectacles protected and be with you all the time.

If you think these chains are only for senior citizens, then you are wrong. These are the new generation chains with hundreds of colors, variety, and prices. You may also find and wear Sunglasses chains to step out in style.

Are These Chains Suitable For Wooden Frames Also?

Yes, these chains are good for all types of frames be it metal, plastic, or wooden. Not meant just for fashion purposes they are helpful in keeping your prescription glasses with you all the time. A wooden frame offers a good surface to pop colors and turns it into a stylish one from ordinary and simple.

Dual Use of Glasses Chain - In Covid Times:

Glass chains are not just meant for the eyewear accessory but they can also be used to hook up your face mask. A majority of the glass chains come with a clasp on both ends which can attach with the face mask. This will help in relaxing your ears from taking the burden of your mask 24X7. Well, that is very innovative especially after a pandemic when wearing a face mask is mandatory.

How To Wear Eyeglass Chain?

It happens that we often forget our glasses for reading. And then we search for them as there is no tomorrow. But now this is sorted because glass chains help you to keep it always in your neck. Plus, it can also be used as a facemask carrier while you are moving out of your home.

If you are going to use a Glass chain for the first time, and are clueless about how to wear a Glass Chain, then let us help you with that.

  • Keep your glasses down on a flat surface.
  • Remove all the loops in the glasses chain.
  • Then, tie the loop in all the earpieces.
  • Adjust it on your face.
  • It comes with a slide or button to loosen or tighten it.

Variety of Glasses Chain

There are many varieties of Glasses Chain you may find in the market. There are metal chains that look exactly like Chain And it gives a cool look to your eyewear. There are handcrafted artistic chains also that are created from beads and pearls that give a royal look - good for parties and festive occasions.

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