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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Brazilian Wax

At age 40, I got my first Brazilian ever. Who's waiting until 40 to find the answer to the question: what kind of Brazilian wax is that? Me, because until then, I thought it was uncomfortable enough to have a daily wax on some other part of my body. Nobody had ever commented on my pubic hair, so I didn't see a reason to go any further with my daily shaving routine.

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Then, right before I booked a beach holiday with a friend, I did it on a whim. My idea was to ask for a standard bikini wax, just an especially vigorous one to clean up the sides, you know? "But when asked by my waxer, "Brazilian? Weirdly, I heard myself say, "Yeah, sure." And before I knew it, it was all just beginning to happen (and there was definitely no going back).

As you might have guessed, before turning up that day, I didn't exactly read up on the Brazilian wax tips. I feel like none of my friends who have been doing this for decades have adequately warned me about what to expect now that I've ripped the bandage off. You should determine for yourself whether or not you want to go for it if you have never dabbed in Brazilian waxes before. Pubic hair removal, after all, is a personal option, and there is no right or wrong procedure. "For those who decide to remove it all, here's all you need to know before you go in, so you're not going to go out and say, "Why didn't anyone tell me that?”

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What does Brazilian wax mean?

Think of the wax of Brazil as a step above the wax of a bikini. "It removes all of the hair from your bikini area: top, sides, front, and back," says Gina Petak, Education Manager at the European Wax Center. Although some customers prefer to remove every single strand, Petak says that the Brazilian term encompasses anything from a "completely nude look" to one that leaves "a neat triangle, strip, or square on the front." (I happened to go all out and choose the former.) Talk about the exact style you want with your waxer, and make sure you're vocal and communicative here.

A signed picture of Gwyneth Paltrow standing in a swimming pool reads, "You changed my life," boasted the midtown salon. Can a beauty treatment really be that profound? Maybe. Maybe. The Brazilian is just as popular with ladies around town three decades later, as advancements in technique have made it less painful to undergo this intense grooming procedure. In advance, we talked about everything you need to know about a Brazilian wax from preparation to pain and after treatment with the European Wax Center Education Manager, Gina Petak board certified dermatologist, Marisa Garshick, MD, and Nad's Brand Expert and Ambassador, Natalie Ismiel.

What kind of Brazilian wax is that?

A Brazilian wax helps you to retain a small landing strip, either in the form of a rectangle, small oval or triangle, on the frontal pubic area, unlike a Hollywood wax that leaves you with nary a hair down there. All the hair on the sides and backside of your bikini region is eliminated. (Brazilian wax and "going completely bare" are also synonymous, depending on where you go.) The cost ranges from $45 to $75 on average. The cost ranges from $45 to $75 on average.

Bikini Wax vs. the Wax of Brazil

A Brazilian wax is the removal of all hair from the genital area (sometimes only a small strip is left in the front), whereas a bikini wax only removes the hair that would be noticeable while wearing a bikini bottom.

Wax Strong vs. Wax Strip

Try to find a salon that uses hard wax to reduce discomfort (or a soft wax with the right combination of titanium dioxide and glyceral rosinate). In contrast with strip wax, hard wax just adheres to the scalp, which strips off the top layer of skin along with the hair (ouch). An exclusively developed, hard stripless Comfort Wax is used by the European Wax Center, “European Wax Center uses an exclusively developed, hard stripless Comfort Wax," "This wax is a proprietary blend of beeswax and other ingredients sourced from Europe that assists in ensuring you receive the most comfortable waxing experience."

How to Set Up

Petak suggests that hair be "at least ¼ inch long (about the size of a sprinkle) so it’s a good idea to stop shaving at least five days (and 10-14 days for best results) prior to your reservation. If you are going to exfoliate your skin, use a film-free (meaning it rinses off clean, not leaving skin coated in oil) exfoliant 24-48 hours before your wax,"

Garshick says getting a tan will make waxing more painful, and if you have a sunburn to prevent scarring, to avoid the procedure altogether. In addition, skip the pool right before your wax, as the skin can be dry or harsh with salt and chlorinated water. "It's best to avoid this just prior to waxing as the skin can be more prone to irritation or injury if the skin is dry," says Garshick.

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Wax from Brazil

What to anticipate during the Wax of Brazil

"Waxing such a sensitive area can be uncomfortable, especially for first-timers," Petak explains. However, because waxing removes the hair from the root, it helps it grow softer and finer. The more you wax, the treatments are less painful. In addition, a high-quality wax can help make the experience more pleasant. “Additionally, a high-quality wax can help make the experience more comfortable." Although it is not mandatory, some people find that taking an ibuprofen before waxing can help relieve the discomfort, “Although it is not necessary, some people find taking an ibuprofen prior to waxing can help to alleviate the discomfort,"

"Alcohol is a vasodilator, so it can increase blood flow to the area making the skin more sensitive as well as more prone to bruising."

Try to relax as well. For the nervous system, deep breaths may be reassuring. So, you can predict and synchronize the pain with your breath. During the removal part of the process, attempt to inhale with the application of wax and exhale. All in all, it takes about 20 minutes to complete the process, so you know the light is at the end of a fairly short tunnel.

Adverse Effects

Brazilian waxes, as with all forms of waxing, lend themselves to irritated skin and discomfort; fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help make life more comfortable after waxing. Second, you can ensure that you don't miss the exfoliation step before waxing to cut down on ingrown hairs. Even after properly exfoliating, if you still notice that you have ingrown hair, add a warm compress to the skin and gently exfoliate with sugar to try to break the clog. Contact your dermatologist if you find that the contaminated hair has become infected (painful, swollen, and filled with pus). Garshick recommends that you ask your doctor for prescription drugs that might be helpful to use after waxing, such as cortisone cream or antibacterial lotion, if you want to get ahead of your infants.

If you find tiny red bumps that are characteristic of razor burn shortly after you're finished waxing, be sure to keep the area moisturized, and add a cortisone cream to minimize redness.

Brazilian Wax DIY

The first step, as mentioned, if you are in a position where you need to give yourself a wax at home, is to try to relax, especially since you won't have a technician present to help calm your nerves. "The most important thing is to read the instructions and precautions thoroughly before waxing, to minimize pain and irritation," says Ismiel. "Sometimes the pain can be caused by the anxiety you may be feeling about waxing." Follow the steps below to do a Brazilian wax at home.

(water is not going to do the trick). To clean up the area afterwards, most of Nad's items come with Post Soothing Wax Oil Wipes.

Is it possible to wax on your period?

Do not panic if you have a standing appointment and unexpectedly notice that your period is starting. "We can absolutely wax you if it's that time of the month," Petak says. "Just be aware that the area is more sensitive and you may experience more discomfort than usual." Make sure a clean tampon is worn so that there is no blood present.

How Long Does Wax Last in Brazil?

Your wax will usually last from three and four weeks, but the rate of regrowth for everyone is different, so the results will vary.


For your meeting, dress comfortably and bring a neat pair of underwear to change into. "Loose cotton clothing will cause the least irritation and be more comfortable post-wax," says Garshick. She recommends you to shower in lukewarm water post-wax. "It is generally recommended to avoid hot water as the skin is more sensitive post-wax," she adds.

Be sure to use gentle products when treating post-wax skin to reduce the risk of irritation. "Creams or lotions are often the gentlest on the skin post-wax and provide the most hydration which can be soothing on the skin," says Garshick. "You want to avoid any product with an alcohol base as it can lead to a stinging or burning sensation."

Patek suggests Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Wipes from EWC or Smooth Me Ingrown Serum from EWC, which she says is a favorite fan to keep incarnated hair at bay.

Patek recommends searching for the following ingredients when choosing skincare items to use post-wax:

Diluted Tea Tree Oil: Preserves clear pores and skin

Aloe Vera: anti-inflammatory, helps to soothe the skin

Chamomile: calms the skin and decreases redness.

Green Tea: nourishes the skin and offers a soothing, anti-inflammatory impact

Glycerin: Helps hydrate the skin

Garshick recommends avoiding any harsh ingredients or fragrances to prevent redness or inflammation if your skin is particularly sensitive.

The Final Takeaway

One of Brazilian wax treatment's greatest benefits is that this form of grooming is temporary. Waxing involves less effort, unlike laser hair removal. If you don't feel the 'do, you should take solace in the fact that gradually the hair grows back.

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