Ever felt emotionally rewarded after playing a video game? You’ve been at it for hours and still feel like continuing? What you feel is emotional gratification. When everything is going right in the game, the online world rewards you. Video game creators have mastered the art of emotional payoff without working equally hard on the story or plotline. The central narrative may not be at par but you still thoroughly revelled in the game, didn’t you? There’s a slight chance that you are currently playing DOTA, Far Cry or GTA! Well then you know what I am talking about.

The technique of providing you with enough emotional gratification to keep you hooked without enough consideration to the central plot may not be so great but can be used to your advantage.

What I mean is, people want rewards for efforts being put in, including the websites they surf. Yes, your product/service is one of the payoffs but incorporating emotionally rewarding elements in your app or website can give you an edge. Whether it’s web design company in Pune, Delhi or Darjeeling, everyone everywhere wants emotional satisfaction. It also makes users come back to your website.

Here are some ways to do the same:

People love to connect

People want to connect to others and associate with them, not leaving furry animals behind and this is possible on plenty of websites with social features available today. Tools used to help us engage with other human beings have surpassed all kinds of popularity contests, they’ve taken over the internet.

Who doesn’t want to be famous?

Popularity and recognition is regarded as the next best emotionally gratifying technique. The prospect of becoming famous on the internet runs on every mind and offering them a chance to feel known and recognised is just the emotional contentment they are looking for. Sadly, that is also a very successful business model.

Competition never hurt anybody

A friendly way to let people compete evokes all sorts of natural interaction. It’s human nature to enjoy being better at something than the rest. It is supremely gratifying. Competition is the last aspect of social life we will be covering in this article.

Progress is key

Making any kind of progress is satisfying, especially in today’s world. Don’t underestimate the value of progress bars as critical UI elements, people want to know and monitor their progress to feel better emotionally. That’s why there are tasks and missions in video games and all the progress is monitored and stored.

Feeling accomplished

Accomplishing any feat feels super good. In line with progress, actually finishing a task, amidst all the distractions in this day and age, boosts the sense of achievement. Even a simple “Yay, you did it.” after finishing a long, annoying task like filling a lengthy form online goes a long way. It’s a method of recognising and appreciating your user’s efforts and time.


Lastly, surprising your users in conspicuous, loud ways that tells them they just got something extra for free, makes their day. People love free stuff, well, who doesn’t? Be it free shipping or even a simple free badge they receive, they are absolutely delighted.

Emotional gratification is all about making your customers feel cared for and important, which they are. In this manner you say “we appreciate your business and efforts. Thank you.” So go ahead and reward your users for all they do.

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