The irresistible appeal of earrings, ah! Earrings are a jewelry staple for every woman. The magical vibes of these pieces attract everyone’s attention. The best type of earrings are those that are fashioned with emeralds. The exotic green color of emerald earrings makes them coveted bobby-dazzlers. Furthermore, there’s something about them that always puts them on top of the fashion jewelry trends.

Earrings embellished with emeralds are the perfect pieces for you. You can wear them every day or to a party or wedding. These pieces can be paired with any metal of your choice. The lush green of emeralds works wonders with all metals. Read on to learn about which emerald earrings you should choose for which occasion. Reading this article will help you become the fashion icon among your friend group.vdseo3121.jpg


Nine-To-Five Job Or Business Meetings

One should wear modest jewelry items to office or business meetings. Avoid choosing pieces featuring striking designs. Furthermore, don’t pick dramatic styles that distract everyone from your professionalism. You need natural emerald earrings that play up your professional look. Go for studs as they are sophisticated pieces. Studs will make a profound impression on everyone while adding to your professionalism.

Fashion your studs in white gold with round shape centerstones. Such a pair will ooze the artful appeal of your emerald gemstones. Not to forget the elegance of white gold that’ll elevate your look in a jiffy. You can also choose platinum for your studs if you have a big budget for your earrings. Indeed this metal will enhance the sparkle and brilliance of your earrings.



Wedding Or Anniversary Celebration

A wedding or anniversary celebration is the perfect time to show off your style. You can wear over-the-top jewelry pieces to a wedding or anniversary celebration as they’ll best adorn your beauty at such events. Choose a pair of emerald earrings in the halo style to turn heads at a wedding. The brilliance and fire of the halo of diamond will keep your emerald in the limelight.

You can choose a halo of your favorite color gemstone for a stylish look. A halo of small red rubies will pair well with the beautiful hues of your green emerald centerstones. You can also go for a halo of your birthstone. Set your earrings in yellow gold for a classy look. Indeed such a pair of earrings will add meaning to your piece. Jewelry fashioned with birthstones is the best way to express your personality and style..



Everyday Wear

Choosing a pair of earrings that you can wear every day is a challenge in itself. You need pieces that look elegant but not striking. In that sense, you can go for a pair of huggie earrings. Emerald earrings in this design will top off your casual look with a pinch of glam. Choose such earrings in yellow gold for a pop of color. Or, go for a pair set in white gold for a refined look. You can wear such earrings with your casual outfits.

You can also pick a pair of emerald earrings in which emeralds are set in an alternating pattern with diamonds. The radiance of diamonds will best bring out the soothing green color of your emeralds. Accessorize your casual outfits with these earrings and you’re all set. You can also wear these earrings to casual get-togethers. The delightful charm of your earrings will blend well with your vibe.

Dinner Date

Going on a date night? Want to impress your date with your look? Choose a pair of dangle earrings. Dangle earrings are artful jewelry items that are designed to impress. Emerald earrings in this type hang from the earlobes. They swing dramatically with every moment of the face. You need to pick such a pair of earrings for your date night. Pick the heart shape for your earrings to make a lasting impression on your date.

Fashion your dangle earrings in white gold to accentuate the oomph of the heart-shaped emeralds. You can also choose the emerald cut for your emerald earrings. The emerald cut will play up the elongated shape of your earrings. Take the allure of your pair to a new level by setting it in yellow gold. 

Final Words

Emerald earrings are gorgeous jewels that can be worn on multiple occasions. They can be the perfect accessory for your outfits. So, it’s about time you chose a pair for yourself. Whether you’re choosing a pair of studs or danglers, GemsNY is the best destination for all your jewelry needs. They offer natural emerald earrings in various styles and designs. Plus, you can also make your own pair of earrings at GemsNY. Go to their website and design a pair for yourself. The best part about their earrings is that they are available at attractive prices.


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