The days are lengthening and everything indicates that in nothing we will welcome the long-awaited spring. With the arrival of good weather, it seems that the body asks for more lightness in everything: clothing, makeup and hairstyles. It's a great time to try fresher looks that are in tune with the new season to join online Cosmetology School. It's time to get the most out of our hair with braids-based hairstyles: we love the youthful air and freshness that a braid hairstyle brings, take out the brush that we started!


IN SPRING A hairstyle with braids is the most versatile, you can wear your hair fully collected or make a semi collected topped with an informal braid. The result in any case is beautiful. We tell you our favorite options.


To perform this hairstyle you must divide your hair into three partitions, two on the sides and one at the top. On each side make an inverted braid, that is, braiding the strands inwards instead of outwards. In the central part make a loose braid but not from the root, make it lower. Help yourself to a comb to shape the toupee and voilà, super hairstyle for any occasion that professionals at touched by Angel Salon and school prefer!


We have all fallen into the temptation to cut a fringe that later has been annoying. And in the process of leaving it long again, there are hairstyles that make your life much easier, like this one in which you can wear your hair down and make a side root braid in which you collect all the hair from the bangs until you reach the height of ear. Here you can choose to continue with a normal braid - not rooted - or directly finish with a hair tie. You can also throw the braid slightly back and pin it to the rest of the hair with a barrette that is not visible.


If there are some hairstyles that drive us crazy, they are the ones that the influencer Elenna Navarro shows periodically on her social profiles. This braiding with rubber bands that begins to be elaborated from the lower part of the face by joining small strands and then passing it over the head to the back, has excited us. In case you wear wigs, either medical wig or to change hair styles and looks, touched by angel salon offers sew in at very affordable rates. If you are a resident of Stockbridge or metro Atlanta area, you can look on internet, typing sew in near me. You will find our valuable services. We hope you dare to try the braids that we propose this spring. And remember that in South Area stores such as La Casa del Peluquero, Primor or Aromas , you will find all the products that your hairstyles need.

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