Drivers receive reflective vests from police

The decree, which mandates the inclusion of this element in the security kit private cars, trucks, taxis and other motor vehicles, will come into effect on 1 January.

A massive delivery of retro reflective vest drivers made this afternoon the National Committee for Traffic Safety by the Chilean Safety Association (ACHS) and the Automobile Club of Chile, as a way to promote their use and disseminate this element among drivers because, starting on January 1, it is mandatory to incorporate safety kit of all motor vehicles .

And executive authorities moved to O'Higgins Park to deliver this kind of vests the Union Intercompany Truck Drivers, the National Confederation of Truck Owners (NCDC) and Chile transport AG as well as private motorists they are circulating in the vicinity.

Executive Secretary Cohasset, Gabriela Rosined explained that a driver is at risk of a hit when the vehicle descends because of a technical failure, especially if the emergency occurs in low light hours or night.

In this situation, it will come into effect a decree of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications making mandatory carrying of a reflective vest in the car, in order to make more visible to the driver if he should get off the vehicle to address a situation of emergency.

"The lack of visibility is the main factor affecting the occurrence of abuses in times of low light, so we are promoting the use of reflective material to protect people's lives and prevent accidents," said the professional.

The high visibility vest must contain both fluorescent material as retro reflective, and must always behave in a location of the vehicle that is accessible from the interior thereof , such as the glove, in order that the driver gets off the vehicle wearing and the vest.

For its part, the specialist in transport and logistics sector ACHS, Andrés Cannas said the institution concerned for the safety of workers in the country, wants to make a call to all employers, regardless of company size or type activity they perform, as this new legislation on mandatory carriage of reflective vest in any vehicle, is a measure that comes to protecting workers should conduct their activity, whether professional or non - conductive.

For the manager of public affairs for the Automobile Club of Chile, Alberto Escobar, this "is an inexpensive, simple and very effective measure to prevent the abuses that can occur in areas of high speed, such as highways and roads."

In the last ten years, more than 6,000 people have died run over in Chile in 2014 and only 615 pedestrians died in traffic accidents. This figure corresponds to 38% of total deaths nationwide. According to international experiences, the use of reflective elements significantly reduces the number of outrages.

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