Do Period Underwear Smell - Myth or Fact?

Everyone feels self-conscious about their period, especially when they first start. And while there should be no reason to feel ashamed about what is a normal bodily function, that is not always the case in the real world.

However, before purchasing reusable period underwear, you may have many questions, such as will period underwear work, does period underwear smell and what should the right material for your reusable period pants be? Because period underwear is still relatively new, there is a lot of misconception and misinformation about how this innovative underwear works. SuperBottoms' article will debunk all of the myths surrounding period underwear and answer the most important questions you may have before purchasing a pair.


What is Period Underwear?

Period underwear is undergarments designed to be worn during your period to replace disposable options such as tampons or period pads. There are many women out there who prefer to use reusable period underwear only on lighter-flow days, while others use them as a backup on heavier-flow days. 

Period underwears are made with extra absorbent layers and unique fabrics like cotton and bamboo that come with a stretchy, breathable crotch area to absorb menstrual blood. They are designed to look and feel like regular underwear, comfy and soft (i.e., not bulky). Wash, re-wear, and wash again; these are reusable options throughout the cycle.

How to Get Period Pants to Stop Smelling?

Period underwear comprises an absorbent material that can hold one to two tampons' worth of flow, a moisture barrier to keep you comfortable, and a layer to prevent leaks or staining. Here are some ways for making Period Pants Stop Smelling: -

  1. Wash Your Period Pants 

Period blood left on a garment for an extended period can cause odors and fabric fibers to deteriorate. We recommend washing your period underwear in cold water to avoid staining and color loss. If your period pants have become stained, soak them in water with a bit of detergent before washing them in a regular load of laundry.

After you've rinsed your period pants, hang them to dry. Repeat these steps regularly before the smell becomes an odor problem, and the fabric begins to deteriorate.

  1. Change your period pants regularly

It would help if you change your pants every 8 hours, but this varies according to your flow. If your flow is hefty and you usually use more than four tampons daily, change more frequently, and vice versa if your flow is light. Make sure you clean your vulva area every time you change your pants.

Period panties, such as SuperBottoms Max Absorb underwear, are great for high flow days since they provide dry comfort with no leaks for 8-10 hours.  It is made of 35% cotton, 35% bamboo, and 5% lycra, which makes it extremely absorbent. 

The first layer is a combination of bamboo and lycra, which swiftly draws the blood away to the subsequent layers, keeping you dry and comfortable. The second and third layers are the cotton terry absorption layers. The outer layer has a laminated finish to prevent leaks and discoloration of your garments. It's elastic, soft, breathable, and rash-free giving you maximum comfort.

  1. Store Period Underwear

After each period cycle, store period pants. Storing your period underwear for girls after your cycle is just as important as keeping them clean. To keep them lasting for years, make sure they are completely dry before storing them and store them in an area with natural airflow.

We hope we've given you some valuable takeaways for keeping your period pants in the best condition possible. If you haven't tried period underwear yet but want to, you can buy them directly from SuperBottoms.

This article is written by team SuperBottoms. We are an ingrown Indian brand that offers India’s no. 1 best-selling cloth diaper and other bumwear, baby and new mom accessories & products! Trusted by over 20 lakh customers, SuperBottoms provides zero-compromise baby care!

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