Diamonds Can Be Included In Your Everyday Outfits

Contrary to common opinion, diamond jewellery can be easily integrated into everyday life. We know how one might think the diamond in every life can just be too much and might look unnecessary. But as Oscar Wilde once said , “You can never be overeducated or overdressed.” This is the ideology of where our thought process comes from. 

9543970273?profile=originalDiamond earrings, in essence, constitute an ensemble, transforming you from naked to flawlessly dressed in a matter of seconds, which is pretty important.  The four most frequent diamond earring styles are studs, hoops, mainly drops, and chandeliers, which are the cult favourites!. While they're all stunning, there's a lot of variety when it comes to selecting the right pair, illustrating how earrings, for the most part, create an ensemble, taking you from naked to properly dressed in a matter of seconds, contrary to common perception.


We can also include Diamond bangles; yes you heard it right the thick fashionable bracelets that don't require clasps or complex opening and closing systems for the most part. Diamond bangles have all of the refinement and prestige of any other diamond item, but they also have the edge and personality of a stacking or solitary bangle, showcasing how to in a significant manner.

Here's a simple guide to make sure you get the best diamond bangles and earrings for you. In this post, we'll mostly focus on assisting you in determining what suits you best and how to design it to especially turn heads, or so they believed. These methods are basically feel safe, or so they believed.

Let's talk about diamond earrings first! 

1. Studs are your best buds!

Forget what we mentioned about not every style of earring being appropriate for every facial shape. It's impossible to go wrong with this timeless earring design. They can range in size from diamond chips (perfect for a smaller lady) to dinner plate size, depending on your budget.


Studs are the ideal present for anybody for birthdays, graduations, engagements, and anniversaries since they are fool-proof and complement every type of face. Studs are also a great location to try out new colours. While beautiful coloured diamonds are more expensive than white diamonds, you may save money by opting for a smaller stone to add a splash of colour to your earlobes.

There's no reason to limit yourself to coloured diamonds. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are all excellent earring alternatives that will provide a stunning focal point. Now thanks to the online culture you can buy diamond jewellery online!


Studs are also the perfect place to experiment with color. While fancy colored diamonds are pricier than white diamonds, you could forgo a larger stone to get a pop of color on your ears. There’s no need to stick to colored diamonds. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are all perfect earring choices and will add a great focal point.

2. Hoop on the loop!

Diamond hoop earrings come in a variety of sizes, from little and delicate (penny size) to large and bold (baseball size!). It all comes down to personal preference. The good news is that a larger pair of studs does not have to be more expensive than a basic set of studs. If you choose hoops with many smaller stones, a pair of bigger hoops may be less expensive than studs while retaining all of the glitter and impact.

If you're on a budget, go for a pair that's heavy on the metal but has fewer stones, whether they're diamonds or gemstones. Hoop earrings are also a fun opportunity to experiment with colour. The hue makes for a striking statement as a rather loud jewellery piece.

3. The 2 D’s: Dainty and Dangly

Drop earrings are designed to create movement to each step you take, or so they believed. Only, the style you buy should, for the most part, match the shape of your general features, demonstrating that drop earrings, for all intents and purposes, add some movement with each step you take, which is typically crucial. Depending on the shape of your face for all intents and purposes, you may want to go for longer or shorter drops with a much bigger or smaller diamond or diamond setting at the end, so depending on the shape of your face in general, you may want to go for longer or shorter mostly drops with a fairly bigger or smaller diamond or diamond setting at the end so they actually though.

4. Chandeliers are the new minimalists

Think chandelier earrings are only for the red carpet? Think again. Chandeliers are ideal for creating a large, strong statement, even though not everyone is comfortable wearing heavy jewellery in their ears. Chandeliers, like hoops or drops, allow for a lot of customization. You may play up the metal and keep the diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires to a minimum or you can go all out and highlight the stones. Once again, it is a matter of personal preference and financial constraints.

9543970861?profile=originalNow that we are convinced that a Diamond earring a day keeps the fashion police away, lets talk about the misunderstood Diamond bangles  Diamond bangles have all of the elegance and grandeur of other diamond jewellery, but with the edge and individuality of a stacking or solitary bangle

Here are a few pointers on how to properly incorporate diamond bangles into your outfit and jewellery collection

Measure what fits you! 

First and foremost, be certain that you have picked the correct bangle size. Despite the fact that bangles have a "one-size-fits-all" appearance, they must be properly fitted. Bangles are designed to hang flirtatiously off your wrist. Its sensuous appeal is evident whether you are wearing numerous bangles that clang together as you move your wrist or have chosen a solid bracelet that glides up and down your arm. Make sure the bangle is not too large, since it will slide off your hand if it is.

Similarly, the bracelet should not be overly tight. A bracelet isn't a bangle if it doesn't have wiggle space, even if it keeps your wrist comfortable and healthy. When shopping for bangles, you have two options: try them on to see whether they fit, or buy by bangle size. This is accomplished by matching the diameter of the bangle to the dimensions of your wrist and hand

Understand the dimensions of your bangles

You must measure the interior of the bangle to determine what proportions the perfect bangle should have. If the internal diameter of the bangle is the same, it should fit regardless of its width.

2-2 is the smallest bangle size.

The inner diameter of this bangle is 2.125 inches.

The sizes are 2-4, 2-6, 2-8, 2-10, 2-12, 2-14, and 3.

The 2-4 bangles are 2.25 inches in diameter, and the sizes continue on to 2.375, 2.5, 2.625, 2.75, 2.875, and 3

Measure Your hand 

In order to for know what your bangle size essentially is you definitely are going to really want to measure f your wrist and generally your hand in a fairly big way. This kind of is done by taking a cloth tape measure and encircling actually your wrist with it, which is significant.

The latter can basically be accomplished by measuring fairly your fingers, with for all intents and purposes your thumb folded underneath, which mostly is fairly significant. That actually is actually your hand measurement in a fairly major way. The two measurements combined will really tell you what bangle size you kind of are in a particularly major way.

Time to create the outfit

Once you've determined your size and how you'd want your bangle to fit on your wrist, you'll need to figure out how to incorporate your new diamond bangle into your wardrobe in a big manner. The problem is, because bangles are so neutral, they're practically a no-brainer when it comes to wearing them. You may wear a diamond bracelet with professional clothes such as a shirt, trousers or a pencil skirt, and heels, illustrating how, because bangles are so neutral, wearing them in particular is a no-brainer, contrary to common belief.


You may also wear your diamond bangles out in the sun while wearing a light-weight sundress, demonstrating that after you know your size and how you want your bangle to fit for all intents and purposes on your wrist, you must generally decide how to include your new diamond.Hazoorilal-Legacy-Diamond-Collection-LXIII.png?profile=RESIZE_710xFinally,  your bangle will seen to be  right at its place when paired with a basically little fairly black dress, evening gown, or flirty particularly short skirt, which shows that lastly, definitely your bangle will particularly feel right at home when matched up with a basically little fairly black dress, evening gown, or flirty particularly short skirt.

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