Defining your target market: What motivates your customer?

divasquare75.jpgYour job as an apparel designer or manufacturer is to make sure that you’re always providing fresh new looks to the segment of the market that you can claim as your own. But the problem often is who really is in your target market? How do you connect with them? The first step in understanding your customers is to really understand what motivates them so that you can connect with them at a personal level that makes your brand a must-have in their lives. This means that you must create a profile of your customer.Remember the basic rule of marketing, which is that people buy not because of need, but because of want. As an example, think about being hungry. If it were just about the core need for nutrition, a person could just swallow some multivitamins and power down a protein shake, right? Ok, I’m obviously not a nutritionist, but you get my drift. But when we’re hungry, most of us take the time to consider what would really fulfill us. Will it be a brownie? Or a steak? Or “cheesy poofs”? Or frosted flakes? Often what we choose has no relation to simple hunger pangs. If you analyze it deeper, you can see that often what we choose actually has some connection with how it makes us feel. To this point, even those obesity TV shows say that the right treatment includes psychotherapy that reveals how food is used to satisfy some emotional need, just like drug and alcohol abuse.This is a great article, so click here to subscribe to my email newsletter to read more!
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