Piercings help us express our individuality - many people choose to wear ear piercings because of the growing popularity and unique placement of these piercings. Daith earrings were created to give jewelry lovers a modern take on ear piercings, making them flattering for everyone. Here's everything you need to know about this popular ear piercing and how to design it.

daith earrings

What is daith piercing earrings?

Ear piercings were invented 20 years ago by a piercer named Erik Dakota. They decided to pierce the innermost fold of cartilage in the ear - found just above the ear canal, where the inner ear touches the outer ear ridge. You'll know you're looking at a daith ornament because the ornaments look like they're coming out of the ear canal.
Eric and his client decided to name their newly discovered piercing "daith," a word derived from the Hebrew da'at, meaning knowledge.Later, jewelers designed earrings specifically to be worn on daith, known as daith earrings.

How long does it take for a daith piercing to heal?

Most ear piercings take one to three months, while daith piercings (including ear piercings) take much longer to heal completely. You should wait six to twelve months for your ear piercing to heal completely.
We know what you're thinking, but recovery time isn't as bad as it sounds. Over time, the pain of the piercing will lessen - just like any other piercing! Throughout the healing process, your ear piercing jewelry may cause some tenderness, redness, or discomfort. The good news is: after a few months, the only thing you'll notice is how stunning your ear piercing jewelry looks. 

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What size of earrings are suitable for wearing on daith?

daith earrings usually use size 16 needles, so you will find that most daith earrings are size 16 needles and 1.2mm thick.

What kind of jewelry materials are safe for daith earrings?

It is important to be aware of the materials used in jewelry, but it is especially important to choose quality materials for your ear piercings. Since ear piercings are located in the sensitive part of the ear, it is best to use materials that are good for sensitive skin. The most popular materials for ear piercing jewelry are 316L stainless steel, titanium and gold.

When can I replace my daith earrings?

Most piercers recommend that you wait at least four months before replacing your jewelry. There is no doubt that there are some attractive daith jewelry that may catch your eye, but it is recommended that you do not put them in your ears until four months to avoid any unwanted bacteria getting in. You should not interfere with the healing process - if you replace them too soon, your ear piercings will be at risk of infection.

When the skin around the piercing is no longer red or painful, you are ready to replace your daith piercing jewelry. Please also make sure that there is no fluid or crust coming out of the piercing before replacing the original piercing. The idea is that your piercing should have healed before replacing the jewelry.

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How should I care for daith piercing?

Just like any other new piercing, you should start cleaning your ear piercing daily. Experts recommend cleaning your piercing once in the morning and once in the evening with sterile saline.
Environmental factors may negatively affect your piercing, so it is important to be aware of how often you touch your piercing and what products are used around that area of your body. You should avoid touching your piercing unless you are cleaning it! Even further, you may want to wash it with warm water at the end of your shower to ensure that any product left over from your hair or skin care routine has not gotten caught in the piercing.

Why You Should Consider Wearing daith earrings?

daith earrings are one of the most fashionable ear piercings of 2022! If you want to get multiple ear piercings, you should take the time to carefully plan a look that best matches your personal aesthetic. Ear piercings are great because they complement the other piercings around your ears! If you want to enhance your look with a piece of jewelry that will be the talk of the town for years to come, then daith earrings may be perfect for you.

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