What equipment is essential or very practical to take in your bag when you start cycling? Six regular Landerneau users unveil their toolboxes.


It could be obvious and yet it is not (yet) always the case. On a bicycle, a helmet is only compulsory for children under the age of 12, but it is nevertheless highly recommended for everyone. And among regular urban bicycle users, wearing a helmet has almost become obvious. Another essential according to our witnesses: the gloves that it sells or rains. "And in the event of a fall, that can prevent a lot of injuries," recalls Guy Le Gall. Lighting and an audible warning device (bell) are compulsory, under penalty of a fine (up to € 38). Outside built-up areas, the reflective vest is compulsory at night or when visibility is insufficient (under penalty of a fixed fine of € 35).


Among the secondary but useful tools, some, like Régine Kermorvan, opt for a rearview mirror. Others, like Bernadette Robic, install a danger gap, to indicate to motorists the obligation to mark a gap. Finally, Bernard Grignou, recommends that he opt for a flat handlebar, for a more raised position on the bike.

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