The advancement of lithium batteries is rapid and they offer longer life expectancy than lead and nickel-based batteries. They are the standard for all spy cameras and other electronic devices on the market. These six tips will help prolong the life of your lithium-ion electronic device.
The technology is still in its infancy and new developments are made every month to extend the battery's life. This means that recording times can be longer. A lithium-ion battery can be charged 300 to 500 times before it stops taking any further charges.
A typical lithium-ion battery can last for around 2 to 3 years. The internal resistance of a lithium-ion battery will eventually decrease due to oxidation. This can cause it to stop being able to store energy even though it is charged. Low current draw devices, such as laptops, cameras and cell phones, will increase the battery's life. More info: www.lithiumbatterychina.com

These are six ways to prolong the life of your lithium-based batteries.

1. Avoid constant full discharges: Li batteries prefer a partial discharge, over a full discharge. To ensure a long battery life, you should not fully discharge your batteries. Instead, charge your battery daily if you can. 
2. Recalibrate: For batteries with fuel gauges like mobile phones, we recommend a full discharge after 30 charges. This will allow the battery to be recalibrated. Let it run until it stops and then recharge.
3. Laptop computer use: Keep the battery in your laptop's battery for daily use. If the laptop is powered from the wall socket, unplug it every few days to let the battery run. A battery with 40% capacity will last longer than one with 100% capacity. If you do not plan to take your laptop with you, it is best to remove the battery from the fixed power.
4. Laptop batteries should be stored correctly: If you run your laptop on electricity, you can take the battery out. To maximize its life expectancy, keep it at 40 percent capacity in low temperatures. A battery that is stored at 100% capacity in hot temperatures can reduce its life by half. It will last 12-16 months if it is kept at its maximum capacity. For the best battery life, it is recommended to keep the charge at 40%.
5. Keep it cool: The temperature and charge state will affect the life of your battery. The battery will be less durable if it is exposed to high temperatures or charged at high levels. At 25C, the battery has 96% capacity at 40% and 80% at 100%. It will eventually die faster the more it is heated up and the higher its user charge. Keep the temperature low and keep it at 40 percent capacity.
6. Avoid purchasing spares: Li batteries are not like wine or cheese. If you don't use them often, avoid the temptation to purchase spares. Always verify the manufacturer date and don't buy an older battery, even if it is on sale.
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