Urban Circus lives from crowdfunding projects. The young company has set itself the task of addressing the most important aspect of bicycle and e-bike safety: visibility.


The French have been regularly bringing new jackets for e-bikers and cyclists onto the market since 2016. The yellow or orange safety vests should be a thing of the past, instead, there are modern designs with an attractive pattern - reflective and with a signal effect.


Airbag jacket with recyclable protection for e-bikers


With its new product, Urban Circus goes one step further. The new airbag jacket is not only about visibility, but also safety in the event of a fall. The name says it all because the jacket works as a full-body airbag.


If the rider falls on the e-bike, this should be registered by the jacket within seconds. The valve of a gas cartridge opens and the pads inside the jacket are promptly filled with air. Before the falling victim hits the ground, the airbag is activated and absorbs the impact.


We already know a similar principle from the Hövding airbag helmet, which we were able to test for you. However, the airbag jacket does not protect the head, instead, there are air cushions on the neck, back and chest, and abdomen to protect the most sensitive parts of the body and organs.


In addition, Urban Circus offers you a decisive advantage. You don't have to exchange the entire jacket after a fall. Instead, you wait until the air cushions have deflated and got a new compressed air cartridge for the jacket from the manufacturer.


The airbag jacket starts in early June

The padding in the fall seems to work efficiently after the first test videos. However, whether the jacket can also prevent frequent injuries such as rupture of the spleen from the impact against the handlebar end will probably only become apparent with the first tests in real situations. According to the manufacturer, it only takes 0.08 seconds to completely vent the compressed air cylinder.


Despite its various functions, the jacket is also visually wearable in everyday biker life. If the jacket is not illuminated by a light source, you appear as inconspicuous as a ninja in it. The dark reflective surfaces only shine in different colors when they come into contact with light.


The airbag jacket will start on Kickstarter on Thursday, June 3, 2021. However, the price is quite high at 730 euros. If you compare the price of the airbag jacket with the almost 300 euros for the trendy Hövding helmet, however, the price is within a reasonable range. The technology is currently unique. And last but not least, it can save lives.


However, if you hurry, you can get a bargain. Thanks to a sponsor, Urban Circus can give away the first 20 airbag jackets for half the price. 365 euros seem to be worth a look, especially for the safety of commuters and frequent drivers.

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