Then you'll see the Smithing Stone [3] as well as a message written on elden ring weapons the ground that suggests you should keep an eye on the ground. There are a few of platforms that you could fall onto, so make sure to follow these platforms all the way to the bottom of the pit, where you'll find an accessible tower and the Golden Rune [5]. The tower is accessible and you will locate yourself on a balcony overlooking a deep pit. Find the Rainbow Stone x5, then proceed forward and climb the stairs to reach an exit which leads back to The Spot of Grace.

After unlocking that shortcut, it is time to venture into the pit. Return to the spot that you stumbled upon the rainbow stone . Once you are there, you will notice a small shade that you can use to reach the platform on to the side that is on the other side of room. Cross the platform and head into the tunnel. Inside you'll find an Arteria Leaf, and a bat waiting to be ambushed. Then, you can drop down and find two bats are waiting for you. You can handle them by using the same tactics that you tackle the stormhawks, guard counters are always successful! Use the nearby rafters as means of a bridge to access items on opposite side, a Smithing Stone [22.

Continue to slowly drop down until you get to the end of the room at which point you'll see a Golden Rune [2]. Begin walking down the pathway Be careful not to be overwhelmed by the rats that are creeping around, including one formidable Large Rat who can drop an Rune Arc. Just to the left side is Poisonbloom which is x3 and on the other part of the wall you will find a scarab that you can kill to gain the ability Rancorcall.

According to the warning, in the event that you fall down into the swampy area below you will unleash a mini-boss which could be too strong and dangerous for your needs at this time. It's a huge snake-like creature with large sweeping attacks and massive magic. With a 100 physical block shield, and a bit of determination, it's feasible. The enemy telegraphs its attacks fairly clearly, so make sure you manage your endurance and be prepared to defend yourself or block roll whenever you notice it begin to strike. You must be in a position near its belly to avoid its forward-slamming attacks and also to get hit safe. If it turns around and comes at you with its mouth open , you must stay clear of it or Elden Ring Runes for sale else you could get caught in its mouth and suffer huge injury. When the monster's face glows gold it is in its second phase that is filled with magic explosions which is why you should back off to avoid damage to your area.



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