With any hair colouring product, colour will fall out when you wash your hair after colouring, but normally you won't feel it yourself, the loss of pigment fades away unnoticed. If you feel significant colour loss every time you wash your hair, something is definitely wrong in one of these three areas

The first: colour loss when shampooing after having dyed red or purple

Some colours, such as freshly dyed reds and purples, will fall out every time you shampoo them. Bluish and greenish colours will also show colour loss, but the loss is more noticeable just after dyeing and during the first few washes, after which the colour loss will become slower, but the colour of the hair will also become less pure.

Red, purple and blue are all colours that tend to fall out, especially when you shampoo your hair you will notice that the foam is turning red or purple, this colour fall is actually a floating colour and will basically stop falling out after a few washes. However, red colours may continue to fall out, and some people still experience colour loss when they shampoo their hair a month after they have dyed it.

If you dye this type of colour, it should be normal for the colour to fall out when you shampoo.

Type 2: Colour formula or blending ratio error, colour will fall out every time you shampoo

Apart from red and purple, if your dyed colour falls out every time you shampoo it, there may be a problem with the formula or the proportion of the mix, resulting in the pigment not being locked in the hair and being lost with the shampoo foam when you shampoo. In these cases, the colour is expected to fall out after a few washes and it is safe to say that this is abnormal colour loss.

After regular hair colouring, you won't feel the colour loss on a daily basis, except for the slight residual pigmentation when you shampoo for the first time. Especially if you dye darker colours, such as brown or dark coffee, you should not experience any colour loss. If you lose colour when you wash your hair after dyeing such colours, it must be due to a mistake and is not normal.

The third type: acid care or waxing products, which will lose colour every time you shampoo

Some hair colouring products are semi-permanent, such as acid treatments or hair waxing, which are wrapping type of colouring items. The colour only stays on the surface of the hair and is certainly not as stable as permanent hair colouring, so colour will fall out every time you shampoo your hair.

This is especially true for waxing, where the colour can get trapped in the foam when shampooing and no amount of rinsing will get it out. Waxing works by wrapping the waxing product around the original hair colour, adding shine while keeping the colour dyed into the hair for longer and acting as a colour lock.

If you are using acid conditioning or waxing for colour locking treatments, it is normal for the colour to fall out when you shampoo.

What I have said above is what you feel when you shampoo your hair, but what I will say below is that colour will fall out with any colour, it's just a matter of time. It's just a matter of time. And it's a slow loss of colour when you shampoo.

Any colour is very saturated with shine and texture when it is first dyed, but as you shampoo more often, the colour dims and eventually the artificial pigment is completely lost, revealing the base colour of the hair and making it look yellow or dry. This is the aftermath of the loss of pigment and it is either continue to colour your hair or go with the flow.

So how can you keep the colour dyed into your hair for a longer period of time? You can follow the methods below and you can keep the colour dyed for a longer period of time.

1, when shampooing, the water temperature should not be too high, too high water temperature or make the hair over expansion, will accelerate the loss of pigment.

2, when shampooing choose silicone-free shampoo and conditioner products, these products can balance the pH of the hair well and also delay colour loss.

3. For those who are in a position to do so, choose colour locking conditioners or colour locking gels, which are wrapping type products and can delay the loss of pigment.

4、Reducing the frequency of using high temperature hairdressing tools can also help to delay colour loss.

5. It is best to do a hair mask treatment once a week to replenish the hair with the nutrients it needs and also to fill in the cavities, making the pigment more stable and slowing down the colour loss.Read more at:sydney evening dresses | formal gowns brisbane

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