Co-Ords Are What's In & Here's Why!

Every morning women all over the world face the same dilemma. How to select the perfect OOTD!  But we have a magic wand … er a better option if we want to avoid this daily hassle. And it's none other than owning a pair or several pairs of coordinate sets or, as we call them – our co-ord sets

The history of co-ords

Co-ords for women and, for that matter, men have been increasing in popularity. This is not the first time that they have gained popularity. The conventional co-ord first became popular in the 1970s and soon fell from grace with the rise of flower power during the hippie era. It experienced a comeback in the 1990s – remember Ross and Chandler from Friends wearing those co-ord suits to Thanksgiving? Since then, co-ords have developed into the vast array of options available today.

Why are co-ord sets for women popular?

Because it allows us to innovate our style by mixing and matching. 

With co-ords sets for women, we have the option to wear it for every occasion, from loungewear to formal wear. We can refresh the fashion item with more contemporary designs, styles, and trends. We can also experiment with vibrant patterns and intense colors. 

Let's take a closer look at why co-ords sets for women are so in right now and have become a wardrobe staple while being counted as a classic. 


Co-ord sets provide unlimited freedom and variety. All styles are covered by co-ord sets. It even covers those who do not have a style! Choose a tailored pantsuit for a formal, elegant look, or unwind and feel comfortable in an oversized, incredibly stretchy lounge suit. Make a statement using striking patterns and colours, or stay subtle and effortlessly chic by using more neutral tones and muted hues. Variety, thy name is co-ord sets!  


When you buy a co-ord set, you are not getting one new outfit but two pieces that make it versatile. You can wear the two pieces together or separately. Wear the top with a different bottom or vice versa. And this versatility is not limited only to the type of clothing but extends to the prints and patterns used. Adapt your summery co-ord top with a solid bottom for the winter feel. Be versatile with your co-ord sets.

Simple to wear

A co-ord eliminates the difficulty of choosing an outfit. If you are having trouble putting together an outfit, such as on days when nothing seems to fit right, and you hate your entire wardrobe, a co-ord is a pre-made outfit that you can throw on for any occasion.

And how can we forget value for money as you are getting two outfits for the price of one? That’s a win-win situation!

Ultimately, the peace of mind afforded by a co-ord set has increased its popularity. We no longer have to stress about patterns or colours clashing and no more wondering if two pieces go together or whether the waistline of our bottoms matches the shape of our top. There are co-ord sets to suit everyone thanks to the variety and versatility. ONLY has a bunch of really quirky and cute co-ord sets that you absolutely must check out! Select the one you feel comfortable wearing and make it your go-to outfit. No more stress about being unfashionable!

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