Fashion doesn’t come with a common manual. When it comes to styling and grooming, most people have their own personal style and preference for comfort and taste. And that’s exactly why in this post we won’t focus on luring you into liking something that isn’t your style. Instead, what we’re going to straightaway introduce you to is the amazing and versatile piece of footgear that is Chukka boots. And then we’re going to leave the choice to you – take them or leave them!

Men’s Chukka Boots are the ultimate wardrobe saviors. They’re a game-changer for every classy man out there, and definitely for those who want to dress suave but still don’t want to go overboard. But what’s the big deal about them? Why are these boots the eye candy in the men’s footwear market? Well, the answer is quite simple – they are dynamic, available in almost every material and color possible, great for experimentation, and so much more. 

If you’ve always wanted to know more about Chukkas, today is your lucky day. We’ve done all the necessary leg-work for you, and now all you need to do is stick with us till the end and make the best use of your styling senses. 


Also included in this article are styling tips, care-guide, and much more. But before hopping onto that, it's essential to understand the basics of chukka boots. 

So what’s the story behind the boots?

Essentially, the term “chukka” refers to an ankle-length leather or suede boot that consists of three to four pairs of eyelets with open lacing. But, the million-dollar question here is – “is that the only way to narrow it down?” Well, quite not! With time and ever-changing fashion, the designs and patterns of the traditional Chukkas have been evolving. But what remains the same is their popularity among the young men. 

The name “Chukka” is said to be derived from a seven-and-a-half-minute Polo playing period called Chukker. It’s taken from the Hindi language word meaning a “circle” or “turn”. However, some people believe that chukka boots got their name from polo boots, considering their similarities, though there’s almost no or very little evidence to support this theory. 

All in all, it won’t be wrong to consider Chukka boots as a descendant or a close relative of the polo boots. 

How to pick the right pair of chukka boots?

Choosing the right pair of chukka boots can be a task. As a smart buyer you have to consider a bunch of factors, starting with:

Upper material

Usually, chukka boots are designed with suede or leather uppers but, as we’ve already mentioned, fashion is dynamic, which is why you’ll be able to spot some designs made from fabrics as well as synthetics too. If you haven’t invested in chukkas before, it would be apt to go with suede or leather uppers, considering they go well with every outfit irrespective of whether it’s a formal or casual event. 

The soles

Before picking any footgear, you need to make sure that you check the soles of the shoes. Formal chukka boots tend to have harder and thinner soles that are more on a smoother end. On the other hand, casual or less formal chukkas tend to have thicker soles. 


No matter how stylish or elegant a shoe looks, if it doesn’t fit comfortably, it’s of no use. Therefore, before investing in any sort of footgear, make sure it fits you like a dream and provides utmost comfort. Also, don’t forget to have a closer look at the interior and exterior material as well. 


Remember, boots are an accessory that you’ll end up using the most, which is why you must go for a sturdy and durable material. Consider buying waterproof shoes, so that you can use them in every season, irrespective of the weather situations.

How to pick an original pair of chukka boots?

Remember, an original chukka must have leather soles. Considering there are hundreds and thousands of varieties available in the same family, it's very easy to get scammed or derailed. However, according to June Swann, a shoe historian, a chukka boot must consist of the following features: -

  • Men's Laced up Boots that reach the ankle.
  • Must have two-three eyelets; anything else is not an original design.
  • Rounded toe-box.
  • Soles made from pure leather; traditionally from calfskin suede leather.
  • The quarters must be sewn on the top of the vamp.

Style guide – How to make the best out of your chukka boots?

Modern-day Chukka boots are far more versatile than their original counterparts. Eventually, it's more of a casual boot, which is why it’ll be only fair to start with a casual outfit. However, the styling of the boots totally depends upon a person’s creativity, comfort, and most importantly, the style of boots that you own. 

Look 1: Casual down to business

If you’re looking forward to styling your boots for a casual yet slightly more dressed-up occasion (not formal), the key is to elevate the rest of your outfit. What you can do is, style them up with a blazer and dark-colored chino pants or with a light-colored top-coat and a well-fitted sweater. Basically, anything that screams smart, clean, and classy will do the trick. 

Look 2: Formal all work, No play

One really smart and great way to pull off your Chukka boots for a formal work-wear-inspired outfit will be teaming them up with your favorite jeans, a relaxed two-pocket shirt, and a tough all-weather jacket. A look that’s ready to rock. 

Key features of modern-day chukka boots

  • Smooth and nicely polished leather material
  • A perfectly rounded toe, not too boxy or pointed.
  • Perfectly stacked up heals.
  • Light-medium shades of brown (black seems way too formal)


Modern-day Chukkas or the traditional old ones, both are considered to be extremely stylish and classic. They are not less than a match made in heaven for all those men who like to put on a show and make heads turn. They are insanely comfortable and warm, meaning, one pair will be enough for all the seasons. These boots are extremely lightweight and provide a comfortable cushion for your feet that’ll help you stand and walk all day long. 


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