Deciding on the perfect wig can be daunting, especially if it's your first time looking for one. Millions of women wear wigs daily and must navigate to find the perfect wig for their needs. Whether you want to look your best every day or for a special occasion, you can learn how to choose the perfect wig. A definite guide to determining your cap size, hair type, and other elements is all you need to look fabulous. In this step-by-step guide, we'll help you navigate the world of wigs and find the right one.

Step 1: Determine the Purpose of Your Wig

Before you start looking at different wig options, it's essential to determine why you want a hair wig. Do you want to change up your look for fun? Are you experiencing hair loss and want a natural-looking solution? Do you need a wig for a specific event or performance? Knowing your purpose will help narrow down your options.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Wig

There are two main types of wigs: synthetic and human hair. Synthetic wigs are often more affordable, require less maintenance, and come in various colors and styles. Human hair wigs are more costly but can be styled with heat, offering a more natural look and feel. Consider your budget and desired level of maintenance when choosing the type of wig. And Lace front wigs can be made from either synthetic hair or human hair, and they are popular among people who want to change their hairstyle frequently, people who have hair loss or thinning hair, or people who simply want to enhance their natural hair. They come in various colors, lengths, and textures, and they can be styled just like natural hair with tools such as flat irons and curling irons.

Step 3: Measure Your Head

Before purchasing a wig:

  1. Measure your head to ensure the perfect fit.
  2. Use a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference of your head, starting at the hairline in front, around your head, and back to the hairline.
  3. Write down your measurement and compare it to the wig manufacturer's size chart to determine the right size for you.

Step 4: Consider the Style

There are many styles of wigs, including long, short, curly, straight, and layered. Consider your face shape, lifestyle, and personal style when choosing a wig style. If you need more clarification, consider trying different types at a wig shop or using virtual try-on tools online.

Step 5: Choose a Color

Hair wigs come in various colors, from natural shades to bold hues. Consider your skin tone, eye color, and style when choosing a wig color. If you need more clarification, consider trying on different colors at a wig shop or using virtual try-on tools online.

Step 6: Know your face shapes

Understanding face shapes will help you learn how to choose the perfect wig. A definitive guide on face shapes and the most flattering hairstyles can help you feel confident in your new wig:

Oval — Hair wigs off the face are ideal for an oval face shape. Avoid bangs, but for the most part, any hairstyle will flatter your face shape.

Round — Any style that adds weight to the top of the head is ideal for round faces. Pulled-back styles or anything past your chin will also highlight your features.

Square — Choose a short or medium length and anything that offers more height. Layers will soften your face, and you'll look gorgeous with waves or curls.

Knowing what styles flatter your face shape can help you find a flattering wig, but feel free to experiment with other hairstyles to show your personality. As long as you have the correct cap size and the wig type that suits you, you can try out any wig, like a kinky twist wig.

Step 7: Care for Your Wig

Once you've chosen the perfect hair wig, caring for it properly ensures it lasts as long as possible. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for washing, drying, and styling your wig. Consider purchasing a wig stand or hanger to keep your wig in shape when unused.

Step 8: Know your budget

The price of hair wigs varies — a lot. So, when choosing the right wig, you need to know your budget. If your budget is low, you may be more limited in your options or need to save up some extra cash. So, knowing this from the beginning would be best.


Choosing the perfect hair wig can seem overwhelming, but by following these simple steps, you can find the right wig for your needs and style. Consider your purpose, type, size, style, and color preferences, and try on different wigs before deciding. With the proper care, your wig can help you look and feel your best for years. There are various brands of best hair wigs in India, like, Diva Divine, Nishhair, 1 Hair Stop, etc. They are affordable and the most popular in the Indian market.

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