Bridesmaid dress checklist 2: bridesmaid makeup

 Light makeup can foil the bride's beauty and make a qualified green leaf. As a qualified bridesmaid, the most important job is to set off the bride's beauty. Therefore, the bridesmaid should not wear heavy make-up on the day, will rob the bride of the limelight, quietly elegant nude makeup is a better choice, do not wear bright lipstick.

  Bridesmaid dress checklist 3: bridesmaid accessories

  1. The hair decorations on the hair of bridesmaids should not be too gorgeous and eye-catching, and they should be low-key and fresh.

  2. Bridesmaid should not wear headdress. The choice of bridesmaid on deserve to act the role of go up, because average bride will have to wear gauze, so the head of bridesmaid cannot have headdress to appear. And even if the bride herself does not wear a veil, the bridesmaid does not need one.

  3. One more thing that bridesmaids should pay attention to in accessories is to avoid expensive jewelry. If the bridesmaid wants to wear some jewelry, it should not be too eye-catching or expensive. If you find the dress too boring, wear a white scarf around your neck.

  Above is the dress checklist for bridesmaids.

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