Best Smoking Brands Celebrities used Most Often


We all are very much aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to health and cause different kinds of lungs as well as heart disease. But still, some people do that, and the number of brands is increasing with the passage of time. The government institutions are trying their best to impose the ban on these things, but still, the revenue of the tobacco industry is increasing day by day.

No matter what happens, we all do smoking. Some do smoking for the thrill, and some become addicted to the chemical substance nicotine. And the very alluring fact is that some of the Hollywood celebrities are not saving from the addiction of tobacco. Not only they but also their siblings and relatives are in very much in the utilization of tobacco products, some vaporizers, and modern e-cigarettes.

In this article, we are going to list down the names of some of the best smoking brands and their relation to the celebrities. Most of the celebrities used a different kind of smoking brands at different levels then sometimes continue the same brand or sometimes switched to another one.

The number of celebrities is listed below, which are addicted to the brands; some have the plan to quit, some are facing the failure in the battle against tobacco, and very handful have the intention to not leave at it all. You will enjoy getting to know your lovely start into the prey of smoking, and even you will be amazed by finding the name which you are not expecting.

Matt Damon

Although he has quit the habit of smoking, still he does smoke sometimes. And he was used to fond of the famous brand of tobacco, which is known as the Benson & Hedges. But he left the smoking officially, and his words were you quit cigarette because you can see what it is doing to you.also adds that once you find out the consequence, you will not be any more addicted to smoking.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis, a famous Hollywood star, is also fond of smoking and use to follow the brand of Newport, which is a very renowned non-menthol brand and also is very cheap and comes under the packing of custom cigarette boxes

Katherine Heigl

At a very young age, most probably 25, she starts smoking to the brand name of Winston, which comes under paper cigarette boxes, and she admitted that she become addicted to smoking. She tried her best to quit this habit, and she said that in 2016 now she is using strong vape products too.

Kate Winslet 


One of the British stars, which remains very famous due to its smoking habits and use to smoke the brand name of du Maurier with her morning coffee. But she claimed most of the times that she tries to avoid smoking when she is with her kids. She also said that most of the time, she loves to smoke but most often tries not to smoke at home. But she finds the most alluring combination between coffee and cigarette, which must come from the same brand and with the same taste.

Miley Cyrus

Who does not know Miley Cyrus? The famous singer, dancer, and actor who remains in the news due to her on-screen smoking habits. And she used to love the most recognized brand of cigarettes, which is known as the Black Devil. But she remains on and off on cigarettes due to a non-serious attitude towards herself.

Katy Perry


She is an American singer, use to write songs, and also performed some roles of a judge in the different television shows. She has become addicted to smoking due to some stress conditions and mostly found that she used to smoke the Dunhill brand, but it's not her primary choice. She uses to switch between two or three brands and at a time but at the end stick to only one.

Michael Fassbender

He is a very well known name of Hollywood in doing action films. In one of his interviews with the (ELLE.US), he confronted that he loves to do smoking, and he never wants to quit end. He came up with the brand name of tobacco which is known as the L&M.

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