Consider several factors to ensure the curly edge wigs can fit your needs. To select the perfect curly edge wig for you, here are some guides.

Curly edge wigs add the curly hair on the edge around the hairline, allowing the wearers to get the natural hairline by the curly hair. Curly edge glueless wigs allow the wearers to get the casual wearing experience.


How to select the curly edge wigs?

*Hair type:

We recommend selecting the human hair wigs, which offer the most natural look and feel. The human hair wigs can be styled, dyed, and treated like your own hair. However, they are more expensive and require more maintenance than synthetic hair wigs, the affordable human hair wigs can be selected in these brands if your budget is limited, including Isee hair, BGMgirl hair, OhMypretty, and OQ hair.


To select the wig cap, here are some cap types to consider.

Lace front: Offer a natural hairline through HD lace front, allowing for styling.

Full lace: The entire cap is made of lace, offering maximum versatility in styling.

M-cap: Leave the edge around the ear, for black wearers provide the perfect wearing experience.

Basic cap: Affordable option with a standard cap construction.

*Curl pattern

Loose curls: Soft, relaxed curls for a suitable and natural look.

Tight curls: The curls of a more volume and bolder look.

Afro curls: Highly textured curls for a distinctive style.

The hair length, density, and colors can be selected by your preference, ensure the wig can fit your head comfortably, by adjusting your strap and breathable caps to enhance comfort.

Reputable brands known for quality wigs can be selected, such as Isee hair, Curlyme hair, OQ hair, and BGMgirl hair.

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