Berlusconi wear reflective vest with other heads

A little off playful program with the translator. The Prime Minister, Silvia Berlusconi, during the ceremony for the inauguration of the extension works of the Panama Canal, allows himself to jokes and a funny sketch with the translator, 'guilty' of committing some inaccuracies in translating into Spanish the words the prime minister. In more 'reflective clothes, Berlusconi jokes with the audience when he remembers that you design the locks were two Italians, "not me, I'm old but not so' old...” Then jokingly he corrects the translator who missed one of the names of the two inventors. And again, when he says that in Latin America there are so many Italians to do "almost another Italy", the translator translates the almost 'more' of Italy "and Berlusconi ready:" No, no, then the newspapers are saying that Berlusconi has made a mistake, but it's a mistake".

And again, when he invites many of Italian origin living in Latin America and in Central America to come to our country, not realizing that the translator is translating her words, she jokes: "The lady went to the toilet." To end with a mark of 'reconciliation': "I close my speech - even Berlusconi jokes - so a bit 'special: do' a kiss to the translator 'cause I treated badly." After the inauguration ceremony of the extension works of the Panama Canal, Berlusconi wearing hard hat and reflective vest, and, together with other heads of state, it goes to the places where they will be made the work of the new locks, not without having given prior to the many photos that are required.

No intention to leave politics at the end of the legislature. Silvia Berlusconi does not mince words and Panama uses the invitation of the President of the Republic of Panama, Ricardo Marginally, to return for the conclusion of the enlargement works of the Panama Canal, inaugurated today by the rider, to send a clear message "I was planning to leave politics in three years but - warning - having to come back here, I have to continue. Mr. Berlusconi is not about national politics, no comment, not a syllable on the fibrillation in the majority for the wiretapping bill. Only one criticism the political world in general: "I and marginally are not professional politicians, but we come from a business world. He said they are a word person. In the business world - it clarifies Berlusconi - must be maintained, but in politics the word is not maintained almost never. "The lunge continues:" When a politician not keep his word - he adds - its admirers say that is a person able to adapt the changing needs of the situation. "

The Toni cambia no when the prime minister, after holding a bilateral meeting with President of the Republic of Panama and signed with him a memorandum on security, arriving by train to Colon to inaugurate the third Channel closed system . Having shelved the officers outfits Berlusconi appears in casual attire (jacket and blue shirt without tie) to kick off the official to work. The rider says he is in Panama to make "the Italian entrepreneur" and took the opportunity to praise "excellence" of our businesses and in particular the ability of the Bell Pease entrepreneurs: "We do not have oil and gas - precise - but we have the courage and ability to take risks.”Qualities that the prime minister calls" the black "Italy's gold." we are a small country - underscores - but we are in seventh place in the ranking of world economies. “Then there are the jokes, especially with the translator, as he calls the knight: "Please translate well - says acting on an inaccuracy in reporting his speech in Spanish - otherwise the Italian newspapers say the president Council has made a mistake.”

The Prime Minister ended his official visit to Panama, then to return to Rome, inaugurating the project of a children's hospital built by several Italian companies. The health center will be built outside Panama City and will have 86 beds. To welcome the Prime Minister at the opening ceremony, at another hospital, the San Tomas were the children who danced with traditional Panamanian dress. The Knight shook hands with each of them, giving him a pat on the face, and then he gathered them in the center of a hall for a group photo. "For the realization of this project will take 18 months," he said the president of the Council hoped to be able to be present at the inauguration of the plant. "If God gives me life would be happy to come back here," he added. Berlusconi in safety vest then recalled the construction of an orphanage in the Amazon to Brazilian children and one in Thailand for orphans. The prime minister then spoke to tell the emotion I felt in seeing a movie on the children in an orphanage, "I am so touched to see the video I decided to build another orphanage."


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