Benefits of Bamboo Clothing - A Recipe for Change


Why not choose a new piece of clothing that uses one of the fastest growing, renewable resources available today that is... bamboo. A cardigan made of bamboo is often very soft and delicate, it is much more absorbent than cotton and is often chosen for a new design to wear in hot or warm climates.

Choosing a Plant Based LifeStyle

Take one field of bamboo and add a business community that works to find solutions to global issues found at a local level. Add inspiration, a business plan and a desire to work for change to create a plant based economy that starts out with a cup of water and grows a renewable, resource such as bamboo. A recipe for change that grows new cloths out of bamboo fibers that are designed to be stylish, light, and soft to the touch.

Check the clothing labels, are the fibers made of bamboo, cotton, or an artifical source? Buy and then test out one of the latest product lines that use a planet based source at the resource level. Prices range for these unique fibres that start at about $50.00 but with a sale can be affordable for many consumer conscious buyers.

Wear organic plant based clothing to work, under suits, while we write my paperslayered over tees or tanks and find comfort being part of a growing community. 2020 vision takes good nutrition, a healthy diet and a plan for the future. Start by walking, to work, every day for a year, carry a reusuable grocery bag every day for a year and wear a plant based top for a year. A day turns into a year and year into a decade and see what happens when 2020 arrives. Did the walk take a day, year or a decade to notice renewable resources every where such as bamboo?

2020 a Vision for Change

Bamboo grows rapidly and can be cut and regrown easily, it can be used for many lifestyle items from clothing to furniture. Land areas that need to be stablized can be planted with bamboo and used for local and global economies. Imagine 10 years from now what local and global economies will look like. Start the day with a new product, new design, new ideas and a new top. Why not choose a favorite plant and buy into that economy, bamboo, a sustainable, renewable resource that can be used to create works of art, furniture, clothing and responsible economies for change.

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