Indonesia is a multicultural country which consists of thousand islands and tribes. The differences of demography and cartography account cultural differences, including the apparel beat by anniversary tribe. Batik is one of the apparel that are absolutely popular, and its acceptance has been accepted worldwide.


If you watch TV and see the President of Indonesia talking in accessible or in all-embracing conferences, you may see him cutting such an indigenous shirt with different motifs. That is what so alleged batik, the civic clothes of Indonesia citizens.


In some occasions, Indonesian may abrasion their acceptable outfits, such as kebaya, baju kurung, ulos, etc. But back they appear to civic events, batik talks much. This accouterments is a attribute of unity. It is a compatible which is advised as a must. This is a way to appearance how appreciative they are to be Indonesia citizens.


Indonesian Batik has been claimed as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity for all the techniques, technology, burden development, and the cultural ethics bare to accomplish a allotment of it. It is because the action includes two factors: appearance techniques and the best of the motifs. This footfall is not accessible back every burden should accept a characteristic.

Batik is also used to make Sarongs
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